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How to Choose a Small Business Retirement Plan

Small Business Retirement Plans- As a small business owner, you may decide to offer the benefit of a retirement plan to your employees as one of several strategies to obtain and retain the best workers. There are a number of options available, including Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans, Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees (SIMPLE) Individual Retirement […]

Labor Immobility and the Labor Participation Rate

Labor Immobility- You may be wondering what exactly is labor immobility? Defining Labor Immobility: The mobility of labor refers to the ability of workers to change from one job to another both geographically and occupationally. What is the labor force participation rate? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics defines the Labor force participation rate as: “The labor […]

What Employment Lawyers Do

Employment Solicitors/Lawyers- For years, there have been many laws in almost every country safeguarding interests of employees. These laws protect an employee from harassment, discrimination and a hostile work environment. Moreover, these laws also state that employees should receive due compensation, overtime fee and other benefits related to the job. Employment laws also state that […]

Get a CNA Education

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)- Certified nursing assistants are in high demand by nursing homes, long term care facilities and other healthcare institutions. They assist nurses and help care for patients.  The CNA position is an entry level position in the field of Nursing.  If you want to enter the field of nursing and health care, then you […]

5 Ways to Get Money for Your Business Start Up

Small Business Loans and other Financing- Starting a business is an exciting experience, but it’s also costly. You’ll need money to rent office space and buy equipment and supplies. You’ll also need to have money set aside for marketing so that you can help your business grow. If you are going to have employees, you […]

How Important is Continuing Education for Your Career?

With the high rate of unemployment in some parts of the world, it becomes an implication for employees in other countries to keep up with the competition in landing a job. Employers usually look into the skills and knowledge of a particular person for hiring and recruitment and these factors are mainly based on the […]

Resume Writing Tips When You’ve Been Unemployed

Resume Writing Tips-  During this world recession, unemployment is commonplace. That doesn’t mean the recruiter or hiring manager will look favorably upon your unemployment though. Being unemployed shouldn’t bar you from ever working again so, I’ll share CV and resume writing tips for those who have had times of unemployment. Here are five resume tips […]

Benefits a Mechanical Engineering Degree

Mechanical Engineering Degree-  With a Mechanical Engineering Degree you could be involved in building everything from race cars, airplanes, even NASA rockets, Solar Energy, robotics or almost anything else that is manufactured. If you are interested in designing things that work, mechanical engineering may be the best option for you. Mechanical engineering deals with anything that needs design […]

Five Things to Consider When Outsourcing Your Payroll

Payroll- Your business has grown, and now the task of managing your weekly payroll has become unmanageable. Or maybe you – or your staff – simply don’t have the knowledge and expertise to take on the payroll every period while also trying to manage all of the tax and benefit issues that come along with […]

Networking to Find a Better Job

Networking- Job Hunting  these days is difficult but it can be made easier with the right contacts, the old saying still holds true…  “it’s not what you know but who you know”. Networking is the one of the best and most efficient ways to find new career opportunities for your professional life. Here are some ways for you […]