5 Resume Tips for Healthcare Employees

Typically, one of the first steps for landing a career in the healthcare field is to apply with a resume to your desired position. Even though the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job growth of over 30% across the healthcare field in the next several years, you may not have an easy in depending on where you live. You must make sure that your resume gives you the edge that you need to win out over all the other applicants.

Rewiring Your Resume: The Skills You Need to Market Yourself

Writing a successful resume requires descriptions of the applicable skills you possess, supported by clear examples in a work history. Blanketing a resume with a wide skill set is a common mistake many people make when writing their resumes. Most employers look for skills that will aid in performing a job, so it is important […]

Reconsidering Your Resume: Five Ways to Sell Yourself Better

When you are trying to construct a good resume, you need to make sure you are using your resume to speak to your skills and attributes and sell yourself to a new employer. The five ideas below are all designed to make your resume look better, and you need to be certain your resume features […]

More Ways to Improve Your Resume

Life Experience Make your resume interesting by including some unique facts about yourself. If you start off with a small section called “Life Experience” and include a few interesting things you’ve done like hiking the entire Appalachian Trail or catching a 50 pound fish or whatever, it will make you memorable and give the recruiter something to […]

Training and Certifications: A Leg Up in a Tough Market

The job market is tough. Even though the unemployment rates are slowly improving, there are still hundreds of applicants clamoring for every available job opening. Thousands of people who were unemployed one month are still unemployed the next. In such a competitive market, job seekers need to do whatever they can to make themselves stand out […]

How College Students can Write a Powerful Resume

Resume Writing for College Students- Gather the info:  Get all of your data, such as your grades, main courses, projects, internship details, achievements and experience.  With all the information in one place, you are ready to start your resume. Understand the Job Needs:  Read the job ad carefully and find out what skill and experience it needs.  […]

Resume Writing Tips When You’ve Been Unemployed

Resume Writing Tips-  During this world recession, unemployment is commonplace. That doesn’t mean the recruiter or hiring manager will look favorably upon your unemployment though. Being unemployed shouldn’t bar you from ever working again so, I’ll share CV and resume writing tips for those who have had times of unemployment. Here are five resume tips […]

5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Resume Mistakes Resume writing is a lost art, especially as we move into an era where we can find anything we may need online. Many people will do a quick search for resume templates to get the basis for their resume and then simply drop their own information into the prewritten template. While this is fine […]

Choosing a Professional Resume Writing Service

A Professional Resume Writing Service Hiring an executive resume writing service can often result in more positive application responses than if you write your resume yourself. However, choosing such a service can be a daunting task. Hundreds or more of such services are available online, and it can be difficult to select the right one. Deciding […]

How to Bag your Dream Job

With unemployment at a high, it’s tough out there in the job market. These days, employers are playing it cautious when it comes to advertising for jobs, and when they do decide to advertise, they’re looking for the cream of the crop in terms of potential employees, so it’s vital you’ve done your homework. With that […]