More Ways to Improve Your Resume

Life Experience Make your resume interesting by including some unique facts about yourself. If you start off with a small section called “Life Experience” and include a few interesting things you’ve done like hiking the entire Appalachian Trail or catching a 50 pound fish or whatever, it will make you memorable and give the recruiter something to […]

UK Employment Stats on the Rise… but

August finally saw some excellent news for UK job seekers as unemployment figures fell by 4,000 in the three months to June. The bad news, however, is that the ONS are still reporting that 2.51 million people remain out of work. The number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in July fell more sharply, however, with […]

New Unemployment Law and Lawsuits in New York

New York City has enacted legislation that would bar employers from discriminating against unemployed job applicants effective June 11, 2013. This legislation has been met with dismay since many believe that it will lead to disruption in the hiring process. Furthermore, a large number of lawsuits can also be expected under this new law. While the New York […]

Valuable Tax Tips for Job Seekers

Deduction Limitations Job hunting expenses are only deductible when a person is looking for work in the same employment field where he or she is currently working or has most recently worked. For example, someone who is working as a nurse can deduct expenses looking for another nursing position. However, he or she could not deduct expenses […]

How to Get Your First Engineering Job

Your first engineering job is always special. After completing four years of studies graduates are eager to get their dream job. This article will provide tips on how to get an engineering job.  Engineering graduates always want to have their first job in a well known organization. Many engineering colleges offer placement assistance to Seniors. […]

Top 6 Ways to Get a Better Job

Are you tired of your old job and wish that you could have a better job? While leaving your job when you are no longer motivated may be a good idea, make sure that you prepare very well for the next job because it can also be challenging to get a better job the next […]

How to Land a Temp to Permanent Job

A temp job helps you make money and gain experience.  Such work can also help you build a solid resume.  If you perform well in your temp work, the employer may hire you or consider you for a future permanent position.  What if the temp job requires you to work in different departments of the […]

How to Use Twitter to Land a Job

Every day technology hands the world a new tool that helps people experience and accomplish things differently than they did in the past. Applying for a job, for example, has changed drastically from twenty years ago when candidates were expected to either fax or mail in their resume. Now, social media is changing the entire […]

Top 7 Job Search Websites

Today, searching for a job is easier than ever.  No longer do you have to wait by the mail for the newspaper or ask a family member if they know of any job openings.  Sure, while these resources work to an extent, it is no longer the go-to method.  Thankfully, the Internet is packed full […]

Networking to Find a Better Job

Networking- Job Hunting  these days is difficult but it can be made easier with the right contacts, the old saying still holds true…  “it’s not what you know but who you know”. Networking is the one of the best and most efficient ways to find new career opportunities for your professional life. Here are some ways for you […]