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Tips for Finding the Right Employee

Interview Intuition Tips for Narrowing Your Candidate PoolYour employees are the heart of your business, so hiring the right applicant is a huge decision you want to get right the first time. Large-platform job-search sites can generate hundreds of applicants for your opening, but you’ll need to develop a good strategy for limiting that pool if you want to find the perfect candidate. Below are five tips to help you narrow your applicant field and attract the candidates you really want.

Know Who You Want

Before you list your job opening, create a profile of the ideal job candidate. Include the basics, like education and experience, but also consider what personality traits would best mesh with your company’s culture and workforce.

Be Specific in Your Job Description

You can significantly cut down on the number of applicants who aren’t qualified, or who don’t fit your profile simply by being more specific in the job description you use. Be sure to mention what’s expected of employees at your company, including any necessary skills or strengths you’re looking for, and state salary range and benefits up front.

Hunt Selectively

Rather than only listing your opening on huge-platform, national job-search websites, consider going to universities, trade shows, and conferences to discover new employees who specialize in your field.


Use an employee screening service, like PeopleFacts, to rule out any candidates with background issues that might affect their performance. Dismiss candidates that don’t seem to fit your profile, and set up phone interviews for those that do.

Think Outside the Box

Be sure to ask questions that will gauge your applicant’s personality as it suites your business culture. Generally speaking, it’s better to hire a candidate who can communicate effectively and will embrace your company’s culture rather than taking on someone who is highly qualified on paper, but all wrong for your team.

No matter what strategy you use to narrow down your applicant pool during the hiring process, make sure you have a consistent plan in place for your interview that will allow you to quickly and efficiently eliminate potential hires that aren’t right for your business. Take the time to interact with them during the interview process in a way that will reveal more than just their experience and education. Remember, compare your top candidates with your ideal profile often, and don’t hire until you find someone who’s just right.

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