5 Things to Know about a Career in Behavioral Analysis

If you’re interested in a career that offers security, variety, and a chance to help others, behavioral analysis is an exciting and dynamic field worth considering. With high demand in a variety of professional settings, working as a behavioral analyst expert will place you in one of the country’s fastest growing industries, making it well worth the investment needed to earn the necessary qualifications.

Top 7 Useful Tips for Unemployed Law Grads

If you have just graduated with a law degree, expect o go through some tough moments as you look for a job. This challenge seems more difficult due to a number of reasons. One, you worked hard to get a vacancy in law school and continued with the same spirit throughout the course. Secondly, a huge sum of money was needed to facilitate your education, and you still have bills to pay. Your ultimate goal is to land a job that requires a law degree, but it is not easy. This post presents practical guidelines you should follow to get a job.

How the Medical Industry is Poised for an Employee Boom

Healthcare has changed vastly in the past 100 years and is poised to grow significantly in the next decades. These changes are due to numerous factors, such as changing technologies and worldwide demographics. This means that the medical industry is ready for a massive employee boom across all sectors in the next several years. Here are some of the top growing areas where those looking to get in on the changes ahead can find an amazing job.

Why Criminal Justice Careers are Perfect for Military Veterans

Most people who join the military only serve for a short amount of time. Once they have honored their commitment, many search for new careers. Veterans gain important skills throughout their service, which can be great assets in the workplace. One particularly promising choice is working in the field of criminal justice. There are certain aspects of these careers that blend very well with military experience.

Job Transition: 4 Keys to Starting a Career in a New Field

Job transitions can happen due to a number of factors. You may need to look for a field that rewards you better in terms of remuneration, your company may have downsized, or you could just want to move on to something that interests you more.

4 Signs Your Personality is Perfect for a Criminal Justice Career

Criminal justice programs are common at most universities and community colleges around the country. They are also quite popular with students. But is it the right career path for you to pursue? These four signs might mean that your personality is perfect for a criminal justice career.

Making A Difference: 3 Jobs That Will Satisfy Your Inner Humanitarian

If you’re like most people, helping others makes you feel good as well. Why not make it a career? Most careers work to make human lives a little bit easier, although some are more focused on this goal than most. If you have an inner humanitarian who needs satisfying, look into these three jobs.

Medical Personnel Shortage: How This Vacuum Will Impact the Careers of Health Professionals

There’s been quite a bit of discussion lately about the shortage of medical personnel in many areas. This is both a problem and an opportunity. It’s certainly a problem for the healthcare industry and the patients who depend on it. On the other hand, it’s an opportunity for people seeking careers that are highly in demand. Let’s see how the health professional vacuum is impacting this field and creating new possibilities for careers.

5 Old-school Careers That Still Bring Success and Fulfillment

In a time when technology has such a strong presence, you may wonder if old-school careers still matter. While some of them have faded, plenty are still popular and can provide you with a fulfilling career. 

How Much Should a Commute Influence Future Employment?

There are many considerations to take into account when looking for a new job and salary is obviously a major factor since you need to be able to afford to live. Location is definitely another major consideration. When both of these factors are taken together they can cause a “make or break” situation. Surveys by the U.S. Census Bureau have found that even though California is one of the richest states in the country it has the highest poverty level due to its higher cost of living.