Finding the Right Career Path with Your University Skills

Your university experience provided you with tangible work, knowledge, and skills you can use when applying for a job. If you took lab courses, add that experience to your resume as proof of your abilities to follow instructions and achieve results. Any research you did in school can help you secure a job that requires an ability to analyze and dissect information, which is most work. Your major can have a large impact on the job you ultimately choose. Use these tips for finding the right career for your skills and degree.

5 More Dangerous Jobs

Recently we posted Demanding Jobs: Rigorous Physical Careers and so this month we are going to follow up with 5 more dangerous jobs. ~Tim McMahon, editor Dangerous Work: Five Jobs With the Most Risk Workplace safety is often taken for granted, considering that the majority of jobs have virtually nonexistent injury rates. But on the […]

A Head for Figures: Working in the Financial Industry

When you’re at school there are some lessons you love, and some that you detest. A lot of people can’t wait for PE so they can get out of the classroom and have a run-around, while others may look forward to the days when they can experiment with blowing things up in Chemistry class. Math, […]

Becoming a Home Health Care Administrator

  Patients prefer home care over an extended stay in a hospital or nursing home, and for the elderly, home care can actually be the more affordable option. Home health care agencies provide skilled nurses and medical workers to oversee older patients who need constant care and may be approaching the end of their lives. […]

5 Qualities of a Great Police Officer That May Surprise You

Police Officers Job Description- What kind of person is cut out for a career in police work? You might have an idea of who you imagine the perfect officer to be – strong, fit, authoritative, and able to face the most dangerous situations. But it takes more than physical qualities to be a police officer. Police […]

Career and Job Success Tips

Tips for a Successful Career and Job We all know that during a double-dip recession people will lose their jobs, the economy revives a bit and then more people lose their jobs. Whether you are worried about losing your current job or you have been out of work for months, you may be nervous about […]

Working for the Government in Public Administration

Many students and people looking for a career change have often wondered to themselves how to get started working for the government. These can be some of the highest-paying, most secure positions out there, and they touch many different fields and organizations – probably more than you imagine. Postal workers, municipal clerks, urban developers, and […]

Factors Which Influence Career Choices

As the old saying goes, “The Choices makes the man” life is full of choices. In our academic life for instance, a person is given the choice about which career to take up, normally during their college years. With so many options to choose from, a person might become confused and overwhelmed. Education influences Career Choices Education, […]

How Important is Continuing Education for Your Career?

With the high rate of unemployment in some parts of the world, it becomes an implication for employees in other countries to keep up with the competition in landing a job. Employers usually look into the skills and knowledge of a particular person for hiring and recruitment and these factors are mainly based on the […]

How to Get a Career Instead of Just a Job

I once met a young man who was complaining about change and this is what I told him. ” The only thing Constant in Life is change. Those who adapt quickest thrive… Those who adapt slowly survive… Those who don’t atapt at all… are relegated to the lowest levels of existence… Poverty and misery. The […]