Should You Make a Career Change into Tech?

Switching your career isn’t nearly as impossible as you may have been led to believe. Perhaps a career in IT is right for you. The first thing you should do before setting out on this path is acquire some necessary technical skills. If you want to succeed in the IT field it isn’t even necessary to get a college education all that is necessary is to obtain a Microsoft (or other Manufacturer’s) Certification. IT employers don’t care if you took English Literature as long as you know your field of computers.

An Information Technology Career

Information Technology With the rapid expansion of new technologies across the entire computer universe, it’s a great time to be interested in a career in the Information Technology field. There are so many different job opportunities available as companies struggle to maintain a leadership position in their industry. Almost any type of business, from retail […]

Great Jobs for Those with a College Degree

College Degrees Lead to Good Jobs Ask anyone who is carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars in college loans and they will tell you that a degree is an expensive investment. And like any investment you should be concerned with ROI (Return On Investment) or the value you get back for not only the money […]