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Great Jobs for Those with a College Degree

College Degrees Lead to Good Jobs

Ask anyone who is carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars in college loans and they will tell you that a degree is an expensive investment. And like any investment you should be concerned with ROI (Return On Investment) or the value you get back for not only the money you invest in your education but on your time investment as well.

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Research proves that those with college degrees are higher earners and suffer less unemployment on average than those with only a high school degree. Since a college degree is a smart investment, why not choose a degree program that promises a strong return?

The following jobs for college grads tend to be in high demand and have higher wages.

Human Resources

Working in human resources means dealing with hiring, firing, and other administrative management of the work force. No matter what the size or the purpose of a company, if there is more than one employee, there is a need for a human resource administrator. According to the US department of labor, the estimated rate of growth for these positions is over 20 percent for the next six years. With salaries averaging over $100,000, a college degree based in human resources is a safe bet for a strong return.

College Degrees Preparing You for a Human Resources Career

Many colleges offer a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management and although there are also Associates degrees available, many experts agree that an Associates degree is no longer enough to get anything less than the lowest level human resources positions.

Information Technology

Information technology is still a growing field, and it is making an impact everywhere. Phones, cameras, commerce websites, and networked televisions are just a few examples of technology in our everyday lives. According to the US department of labor, the estimated rate of growth for these positions is also over 20 percent for the next six years. Salaries in this field can average over $80,000, but, for an innovator, salaries can grow to be much higher.  Information Technology is a broad field dealing with everything from computer hardware including personal computers up to large mainframes and world-wide computer networks to computer software, database administration, web design, information systems, project manangement, computer and network security and even technical writing.

College Degrees Preparing You for an Information Technology Career

Many colleges offer degree programs in Information Technology including courses in everything from computer graphics to operating systems, web design, programming  and project management.


Nursing has been a desirable degree for a long time and with an increasingly aging population, it shows no signs of slowing. Being a nurse is a rare career that is both fulfilling and lucrative but is also hard work. This is another occupation that the US department of labor predicts the rate of growth to be over 20 percent over the next six years. With salaries averaging over $65,000, a degree in nursing will pay for itself fairly quickly, while allowing you to work in public service.

College Degrees Preparing You for a Nursing Career

There are a variety of levels of nursing education but for the best prospects you should aim for at least a Bachelor’s of Nursing Degree (BSN). You should also note that some colleges may be approved by their state board of nursing but not accredited by one of the two major nursing accreditation bodies. They are the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC), and The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).


Becoming a teacher is an excellent way to make a difference in many lives; a bachelor’s degree in education will help you achieve one of these high paying and high impact jobs. The US department of labor predicts the rate of growth for teaching positions to be over 12 percent over the next six years. Salaries for those with this degree average around $55,000, an amount that will help you achieve a strong return on your investment in a just a few years.

It is clear that there is a steep difference in salary for those who have a college degree as compared to those who do not. However, degrees are at various levels of demand. A bachelor’s degree is such an expensive endeavor that it makes financial sense to choose a degree that will pay for itself, and help you achieve a better quality of living.

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