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Four Touches that Give a Business Personality

In the modern economy, it is not enough for businesses to be good at what they do; with so much competition they must also be unique. People need to feel that a business is relatable. Customers should describe businesses as if they were describing friends. This is how loyalty is built: by infusing a business with a unique sense of character. Here are four ways to add personality to your business.

Origin Story

Advertising the origin story of a business gives customers a narrative that they can be a part of. Few people dislike the story of an entrepreneur who sought to change an industry or the simple business owner who decided to serve the customer in a new way. These stories allow customers to feel a connection to a business. Used effectively, a good narrative will also convey a relatable sense of personality.

Four Touches that Give a Business PersonalitySocial Networking

A strong social networking presence is perhaps the easiest way to create a unique identity in customers’ minds. The beauty of social networking is interaction. Customers can develop relationships with a business when conversations are utilized properly. And when the name of a business is commonly seen when positive emotions are evoked, a connection will be made. This kind of marketing is very powerful. Which Social Media Platform is the Best One for You?

Consistent Theme in Logos, Stationary and Checks

Presenting a unified consistent message through all of your print media is an easy but effective way to further a unique sense of brand. Letterhead, business cards and checks can be customized to convey the values, feelings or ideas that a business wishes to be associated with. A casual scan through a site like the Checks Superstore personal checks show the wide variety you can choose from. They result in a wide variety of options for any business seeking a personal touch. Take the time to communicate in these subtle ways, and customers will notice. But you must be careful some themes may do more harm than good. Are you using a cartoon logo for your website?

Staff Pictures

Staff pictures add more than just decoration to a business location. Photos of an owner or manager with the workers of a business provide a sense of unity that customer’s appreciate. It shows customers the smiling faces that are unique to the company, and it makes concrete the suspicion that the business does in fact treat people with respect.

These additions to a business can infuse it with a strong sense of personality. When customers feel that they know a business, loyalty is built. Devoted customers desire to do more than shop at a company; they wish to befriend that company. By going the extra step in developing uniqueness, business owners can gain an edge moving forward. Long term success is only gained through customer loyalty, and the easiest route to loyalty is a genuine sense of bonding with the customer base.

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