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5 Resume Tips for Healthcare Employees

Typically, one of the first steps for landing a career in the healthcare field is to apply with a resume to your desired position. Even though the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job growth of over 30% across the healthcare field in the next several years, you may not have an easy in depending on where you live. You must make sure that your resume gives you the edge that you need to win out over all the other applicants.

Choose the Right Keywords

No longer do managers actually read through every resume they receive. Many larger businesses use software to scan resumes for keywords that describe desired skills for the job. Big keywords these days include caseload, training and interdisciplinary teams for nurse-style settings. Other big keywords you may want to include if they apply to your area of expertise include fundraising, research, government agencies and continuous quality initiatives.

List Results of Your Work

Healthcare managers already know the specifics of the open position. Instead of simply listing your accomplishments, be sure to include the results of your accomplishments, such as having trained new hires, designed a new quality control program or improved operating revenue. Of course, depending on what area of healthcare you are applying to, you will need to tailor your information to be specific and to include your personal experience rather than just everyday roles.

List Non-Healthcare Related Interests

Managers want to see applicants as real people. Including some of your interests and accomplishments outside the healthcare profession will help them see that. For example, listing volunteer or community work that you do will help you be seen in a caring light. List any boards that you are on, even if they are not healthcare related, because they will show that you have dedication. Even listing interests in sports can help you be seen as driven and up to a challenge.

List New Technologies and Practices

Because the healthcare world changes rapidly, managers will want to see that you are aware of and have experience with new technologies and policies. Not only will you want to provide up-to-date credentials for any certifications you hold, but also you will want to list training and experience that you have with newer protocols. If you are or have been in the healthcare field for a while, you can upgrade your skills by getting a master’s in healthcare administration online.

Be Accurate

No matter how much you have accomplished with your career, it will not look very impressive if it is written or compiled inaccurately. Triple-check your work and have a couple other people look over your resume before you turn it in to the company. Grammar and spelling errors can make you look as if you are not a careful worker.

When you create your resume, you will want to show the hiring manager how you are different from and better than every other candidate. Including personal accomplishments and interests and listing specific training and experience will help you stand out from the crowd and will help you land your coveted new position. Take a few days to put your resume together to ensure that you leave nothing out of it, and make sure each draft of your resume is tailored to the position you’re applying for.