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Resume Writing Tips When You’ve Been Unemployed

Resume Writing Tips-

 During this world recession, unemployment is commonplace. That doesn’t mean the recruiter or hiring manager will look favorably upon your unemployment though. Being unemployed shouldn’t bar you from ever working again so, I’ll share CV and resume writing tips for those who have had times of unemployment. Here are five resume tips for re-entering the working world.

Lend a hand

While crafting your perfect resume, volunteering could get the ball rolling in your search for gainful work. Seek out organizations that actively take on volunteers for skill-building responsibilities. For example, are you worried that your office skills are rusty? Offer to do some clerical work for a non-profit. Get back into organizing events, if that is your chosen field, by helping charities put together fundraisers. It will serve as a recent activity that shows you are still in the game and, if you do well, could secure you a strong reference.

Close the gaps

Resume Writing TipsEven though you may have been out of work for a while, chances are you have still been honing transferable skills in stints of non-paid or casual work. Make sure you account for those activities on your resume so that the recruiter or hiring manager knows you have stayed active and, more importantly, weren’t in prison.

Consolidate and adapt skills for each position

It may be tempting to fire off thousands of resumes to countless job postings. One has to stick, right? Unfortunately, probably not. Between the implementation of keyword scanners and the demanding eyes of HR professionals, it is more difficult than ever to secure a position with a general resume.

Tailor each resume to suit the position to which you are applying. Be sure to incorporate key words and phrases regarding your skills and experiences that were outlined in the job description. That step increases the odds that your resume will cross a hiring manager’s desk, and that he or she will immediately understand why you want and are experienced for the position.

Mind the details

Many resumes are filled with typos and grammatical blunders, even in tough economic times. One way to stand out from the pack is to seek out any tiny errors and eliminate them. If writing is not your strong suit, ask a word-savvy friend to look over your resume; even if you are quite a wordsmith, it won’t hurt to ask someone else to review it for careless mistakes. Those seemingly insignificant details can make or break a candidate’s chances, especially in a competitive market.

Write a stellar cover letter

While technically your cover letter is a separate document than a resume, for someone with an employment gap, it needs to be considered a closely-related ally. This document is one of the few instances where you can flexibly express who you are, your professional story, and your value to a company.

Take full advantage of it! It is the perfect opportunity to shape a would-be employers impression of you. It is also the idea space to explain – briefly and unapologetically – any unaccounted gaps on your resume.

Unemployment is tough. When the jobless numbers don’t seem to be improving, it can seem even tougher. While unemployment gaps don’t carry the same stigma as they did in more robust times, they can still be a red flag. Developing a strong resume – while staying active during the job hunt – puts you in the perfect position to secure gainful work with a bit of perseverance.

Editor’s Note:

Even though you may have a large gap don’t be tempted to lie, or fudge the surrounding dates. Or make up an employer. Those details are easily checked by human resources and are grounds for immediate disqualification.  Just don’t do it. You are better off being honest. The average length of unemployment is currently over 40 weeks so employers are used to seeing big gaps and do make allowances. But they do like to see that you are keeping current as suggested in this article.

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