Should You Consider Work Abroad

It is no secret that the economy in the United States has been lagging quite a bit over the past few years. Job growth, though better than it was in much of 2008 and 2009, is still very anemic. Many people who had six-figure incomes before the latest recession are still struggling to get back […]

Is A Bachelor’s Degree Still Worth It?

The average college student will graduate with over $25,000 of student loan debt. This is the highest level of debt in the nation’s history, and cumulative student debt has surpassed credit card debt for the first time ever.

How Important is Continuing Education for Your Career?

With the high rate of unemployment in some parts of the world, it becomes an implication for employees in other countries to keep up with the competition in landing a job. Employers usually look into the skills and knowledge of a particular person for hiring and recruitment and these factors are mainly based on the […]

Stay Ahead of Your Competition With Online Continuing Education Courses

Online Continuing Education Courses Today’s job market is incredibly competitive, with the number of applicants for each job far outstripping the number of available openings. While many careers may initially value experience over qualifications, enrolling in continuing education degrees or courses is a great way for employers to know you are up to date with […]