Top 6 Ways to Get a Better Job

Are you tired of your old job and wish that you could have a better job? While leaving your job when you are no longer motivated may be a good idea, make sure that you prepare very well for the next job because it can also be challenging to get a better job the next […]

Why You Should Consider Getting a Master of Public Administration Degree?

No one aspires to remain an entry level employee for their entire working life. The job we land straight out of college is rarely, if ever, the one we retire from in our 60s. Likewise, there are fewer and fewer people in the 21st century that spend their entire career working for the same company. […]

Why Nurses Should Consider a Master’s Degree in Nursing

Healthcare is one of the hottest career fields available in the 21st century and despite the economic slowdown that has gripped the world for almost four years, employment remains strong in fields related to medicine. Despite strong employment figures in the healthcare industry, traditional standards for hiring and advancement remain in place. Nursing is the […]

Would an Audiology Degree Be Good For Me?

Audiology an Inspiring Career Choice Audiology is an ideal profession for those who want to make a difference in people’s lives. Audiologists deal with hearing loss, hearing disorders, and balance disorders related to the ear. They also work to prevent hearing loss. An audiologist degree allows you to help restore the ability to communicate, which is […]

Is a Career in Public Health Education for You?

Public Haelth Education- Do you enjoy helping people? Would you like to help people avoid illness and injury? Perhaps you should look into a career in public health educaton. Health educators communicate important health information to the public, thereby helping people to avoid injuries and illness. Why Enter the Field of Public Health Educaton? Health educators take on a highly […]

Factors Which Influence Career Choices

As the old saying goes, “The Choices makes the man” life is full of choices. In our academic life for instance, a person is given the choice about which career to take up, normally during their college years. With so many options to choose from, a person might become confused and overwhelmed. Education influences Career Choices Education, […]

Sit, Stay, Good Dog: Become a Certified Dog Trainer

Certified Dog Trainer- If you love dogs and spending lots of time training them, you might consider a career as a dog trainer. Did you know that as a dog trainer, you’ll need to have lots of patience and understanding with people, too? Dog trainers actually spend most of their time teaching people how to […]

Top 5 Fields You Should Look Into After M.B.B.S.

Now that you are nearing the end of your MBBS, you need to start looking at which field you should go into. Reflecting on your expertise and natural talents is an excellent place to start. However, you should also choose something that you find interesting, and remember that looking at the most exciting recent medical […]

How Important is Continuing Education for Your Career?

With the high rate of unemployment in some parts of the world, it becomes an implication for employees in other countries to keep up with the competition in landing a job. Employers usually look into the skills and knowledge of a particular person for hiring and recruitment and these factors are mainly based on the […]