How Much Does a Brick Mason Earn?

Brick Mason Salary While being among the highest paid trades in the construction industry, brick masons’ wages have been stagnant over recent years due to the slump in the housing industry. Although their numbers constitute a rather small category within the group of trades making up the construction industry, brick masons do very well in […]

Should You Pursue a Sports Agent Career?

Sports Agent Career If you’re passionate about sports and you’re business-minded with a knack for negotiating, a career as a sports agent may be the perfect fit for you. A career as a sports agent may sound both glamorous and lucrative, but without the proper education, experience, and background knowledge, it could become a downfall […]

Shortcuts to a Good Job: Online Certificate Programs, Career Training or Community College?

Attending a big University may seem like the American dream. But there are many obstacles to completing college. For some, it could be the cost while for others, they simply don’t have the time to sit through four years of school. Someone with small children who desperately needs a better income may not be able to attend a traditional […]

How Bad Is Our Manufacturing Sector?

Everyone has heard that America’s manufacturing sector is deteriorating. World competitors like China and Taiwan offer faster production times at lower costs, and so the U.S. manufacturing business has significantly dropped over the past 50 years. This transformation in the economy has led many Americans to find alternative careers; it has contributed to the rise […]

Career and Job Success Tips

Tips for a Successful Career and Job We all know that during a double-dip recession people will lose their jobs, the economy revives a bit and then more people lose their jobs. Whether you are worried about losing your current job or you have been out of work for months, you may be nervous about […]

Is a Liberal Arts Major a Wise Choice?

Liberal Arts Major- They were golden when they marched into their high school graduation ceremonies four years ago. They would be off to college in a few months to broaden their horizons, gain independence and ready themselves to make their way in the world. Instead, they are now without any significant income and, once again […]

Highly Skilled Worker Shortage in a Recession?

Could Vocational Training Solve Unemployment? The shortage of  highly skilled workers became a global concern several years ago and continues to grow despite the emergence of an economic recession. A report compiled by Deloitte for the Manufacturing Industry shows 600,000 jobs in the U.S. need employees who are skilled in various jobs. The number is […]

The Fastest Growing Careers of 2012

When it comes to getting a job these days, people want to know what the fastest growing careers of 2012 will be. This way they can get into the fields that will give them the most chances to get a job now and in the future and make a good wage. Here are some of […]

Keeping Worker’s Compensation Insurance Affordable

How Business Owners Can Keep Worker’s Compensation Insurance Affordable – With the recent hits to the economy, changes in law, and other sorts of changes in the workplace, costs of maintaining workers compensation insurance for companies, and in particular for small businesses, are rising unpredictably.  Some of this can be caused by your state’s assigned […]

Why Accounting Is A Safe Bet

Accounting- In today’s economy, many people are looking for college majors that will give them a good shot at employment when they graduate.  While many schools talk about the inherent value of an education, few students have the luxury of spending years at a private university exploring various arts degrees.  In actuality, most students need […]