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Why Accounting Is A Safe Bet


In today’s economy, many people are looking for college majors that will give them a good shot at employment when they graduate.  While many schools talk about the inherent value of an education, few students have the luxury of spending years at a private university exploring various arts degrees.  In actuality, most students need to spend as little time and money in school as possible, then take their degree and get a well-paying job.

If you happen to be in this situation, it might be time to consider a degree in accounting.  Accounting is a solidly growing career field, and it is projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to have  190,700 new job openings from 2010 through 2020.  This degree is offered at a variety of colleges and universities, is relatively easy to obtain, and offers a relatively secure and easy path to a job after graduation.

An Education in Accounting

AccountingTo become an accountant generally requires a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Accounting degrees are offered at nearly every public college and university, as they are one of the most popular degree programs offered in America.  This makes it easy to find a program that is located near your work and home.  In addition, the popularity of the program makes it easy to transfer credits between schools.  Classes are offered by many schools at night and on weekends and are also available online.  This makes accounting an ideal program for anyone who needs to work while attending school, or who is unsure if they will have to move in the middle of their program.

Furthermore, accounting programs do not require a lot of prerequisites, class time, or background knowledge. While some basic math and reasoning ability is required, accounting programs do not require higher-level math or science skills.  This makes it a good program for people who have been out of an academic environment for a while to jump into.

Accounting Job Opportunities

Most importantly, though, an accounting degree opens the door to a lot of job opportunities.  Practically every major corporation, in addition to most large non-profits, has their own accounting staff.  Smaller and medium-sized companies typically choose to use the services of an outside consulting company.  This gives a person with a degree in accounting the ability to work at nearly any type of company that he or she chooses to.

Furthermore, accountants are known for having jobs with a lot of stability.  During downturns in the economy, most companies cut any staff that is not considered to be essential.  Unfortunately, this means a lot of job instability for people who work in fields such as marketing or product development.  Accountants, however, are in charge of the money, and often have to be retained in order to guide the company out of the downturn.  In cases where the accountant staff is going to be cut, the fact that they are reviewing the books usually means they have enough warning to find a new job before losing their old one.

Of course, many accountants choose to go into consulting on their own.  This can be a great option for anyone who wants to set their own schedule and choose their own clients.  Owning an accounting firm is a stable, steady business that many people have become very successful with. In 2010 the median salary of an accountant was $61,690.

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