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Networking to Find a Better Job


Job Hunting  these days is difficult but it can be made easier with the right contacts, the old saying still holds true…  “it’s not what you know but who you know”.

Networking is the one of the best and most efficient ways to find new career opportunities for your professional life. Here are some ways for you to start networking:


Volunteering has many networking benefits and not only is it a great way to get Experience and build your resume, but also a chance to give back to your community and its a feel good activity… it’s great to meet other people who enjoy doing the same thing. Because volunteering brings in different people from all walks of life, working with your local soup kitchen, animal shelter or a ‘big brother’ program can really open doors to different industries and fields.

NetworkingYoung Professionals:

Many cities have different programs that are centered around getting young professionals together, whether it is through a common interest or activity, a certain field or a young professional organization centered around volunteering. These young professional groups are great for networking because it puts you in touch with others your age with the same background and passions. Many young professionals offer networking events as well as putting you in touch with different people in your network.

Sports Clubs:

Joining a local sports club is not only great for health but for networking. There are sports league’s for soccer, softball, kickball and many other sports at a low cost for 21-35 year olds. You meet up at least once a week to compete against other teams in your league and typically socialize before, during and after each game.


Out of all the social media platforms available LinkedIn is the best one for those wanting to network professionally. This site was developed for exactly that reason. Create a professional profile and connect to those you know and organizations/groups that relate to you. Keep it professional and think of LinkedIn as an online resume and professional portfolio for yourself.

Clean up your resume and create a business card if you haven’t already done so, start networking! Networking can be lots of fun and the best way to securing a career path best fit for you. Get active and get out there, good luck!

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