Get a CNA Education

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)-

Certified nursing assistants are in high demand by nursing homes, long term care facilities and other healthcare institutions. They assist nurses and help care for patients.  The CNA position is an entry level position in the field of Nursing.

 If you want to enter the field of nursing and health care, then you must have at least a CNA certification and possibly a nursing license depending on the individual state regulations. But if you can’t afford the certification course, then you may actually be able to get your certification for free! Yes, you heard me right,  start by searching for nursing schools and hospitals that offer free CNA education and training. The need for nurses is so great that you may be able to get a free CNA education. One example is free CNA programs in RI. But remember, getting a nursing Career needs great dedication, compassion for patients and passion towards work.

Free CNA classes is a best option for those who can't afford the CNA certification cost.

 Lets look at some of the tips that will help you in planning for free nursing education.

1. Research: The first thing is to inquire about the colleges and institutes that offer free nursing education and training programs. There are some nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals that offer free training programs for candidates interested in pursuing a career in nursing. Its recommended that you visit these places to collect the detailed information and the procedure for enrolling for the training program.

2. Financial aid for CNA: There are several financial institutes that offer financial aid to individuals who cannot bear the expense of the training program. Some companies sponsor the candidates as well. The government also has a scholarship program for these candidates. For the scholarship, the candidate has to pass the basic examination that includes an IQ test and some basics facts about nursing.

3. Check for the accreditation: It is important that you should check for the accreditation of the institute or college where you are applying for the certification course. Remember without the accreditation and recognition, you might waste your time and effort if your certification is disqualified and then you would be back where you started. Hospitals and other medical organizations are very strict about this aspect, and you probably won’t even get an interview unless your certification is from an accredited institute.

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