Use Facebook for your Job Search?

Need a job? Have you considered using Facebook to find work? Social networking sites today are not just for sharing informal information.  Facebook, can also be a powerful tool that can lead you to a job.  Because millions of people use Facebook, take advantage of it and put your job search efforts on a success track. With […]

Social Media Marketing Consultants Needed

By Tim McMahon, editor Social Media Marketing Consultants Social Media marketing is a new field and just as happened in other new fields like web designers 15 years ago, companies are scrambling to find qualified people to perform this valuable service for them. This is truly an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of […]

Employers Using Social Media for Recruitment

By Richard Cooley Employers using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? New channels that you can use to find a job… With the advent of Social Media, the old methods of job search are changing. Employers are now just as likely to check your Facebook profile as to read your resume. Let’s look at how you can use  Facebook, Linked In and […]

Work in the Future

The times they are a-changin’. Those lyrics seem eerily appropriate almost fifty years later. In that time many things have changed, change seemed rapid and incessant. Over the years the way we work has also changed. Back in th e1960’s the U.S. was primarily made up of Blue collar workers. Now we are increasingly white collar tellecommuters.