How Your Social Media Profile Affects Your Job Search

New job seekers of today’s work force are entering a competitive environment that requires much more emphasis on one’s online presence. Today’s intern or potential candidate has to worry about his social media profile, whether online bullies have ruined his reputation, and where and how to display his work so that it receives the most […]

Social Media Marketing Consultants Needed

By Tim McMahon, editor Social Media Marketing Consultants Social Media marketing is a new field and just as happened in other new fields like web designers 15 years ago, companies are scrambling to find qualified people to perform this valuable service for them. This is truly an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of […]

Employers Using Social Media for Recruitment

By Richard Cooley Employers using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? New channels that you can use to find a job… With the advent of Social Media, the old methods of job search are changing. Employers are now just as likely to check your Facebook profile as to read your resume. Let’s look at how you can use  Facebook, Linked In and […]