Pros and Cons of Hiring a Business Consultant

With the “Gig” economy booming, hiring outside consultants has quite fashionable these days. Even smaller companies and startups are hiring them. However, are they worth the price? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of hiring a business consultant, especially for a smaller venture.

How to use International Commerce to get your Business “Booming”

Untapped markets throughout the world are waiting for a product or service like yours. The problem is, you either don’t know they need what you have to offer and or you have no idea how to get it to the appropriate markets. While these are common barriers for entrepreneurs, they can be navigated with the right approach. Here is how to use international commerce to get your business booming.

Lessons in Funding for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need to understand all aspects of their business in order to thrive. This includes funding and how to interact with investors and lenders. Here is an analysis of some of the most important lessons gained by successful entrepreneurs who were able to find money when they most needed it.

Building Your Own Business

Beginning a business pursuit on your own is never easy, but one of the most important things in the early stages of your company is to focus.

Business to Business Sales Training

Business to Business (B-2-B) Sales are Different When we think of “sales”, we usually think of products moving from the manufacturer to the consumer. But before a consumer can buy the finished product many products move from one business to another with each business adding another piece to the puzzle. In business to business marketing, both […]

Five Unusual Business Ideas

Unusual Business Ideas- Have you ever watched television infomercials when you can’t sleep, wondering why you didn’t think of that? Some business ideas seem so startlingly simple after we’re presented with them that we can’t believe that people are actually making money from them. Here are five of the most unusual business ideas that people […]

Information about Bachelor of Commerce Degrees

Although many college graduates end up doing something entirely different than what they majored in, choosing the right degree is important to ensuring your future. Some majors like underwater basket weaving or psychology make it difficult to find jobs once you graduate. Today we are going to look at the Bachelor of Commerce Degree.   […]