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Intense Experiences: Working to Make Them Reality

What if you had the opportunity to work for a company that makes people’s dreams come true? This type of business really exists and it is called an experience company. Essentially, these companies sell wish-fulfillment. These are special gift packages that allows people to experience interesting and even exotic activities.  If you are someone who […]

Employment Prospects for Electrician Apprentices

Choosing a career entails planning out your life’s work.  However, in order to successfully plan out a career path, an individual must know which jobs to use as stepping stones for each phase.  Thus, if you’re choosing a career as an electrician, you will want to know that there will be employment available as an apprentice, […]

The Organized Registered Nurse

Organization is critical for registered nurses and even for those who are just enrolled in a registered nursing program. When it comes to multi-tasking, RN’s need to hone their skills quickly. Being organized won’t only improve a nurse’s ability to provide the best possible care, but it is also a critical tool to help alleviate the […]

Minimum Wages vs Unemployment

Do you honestly think the government can legislate wealth? Can they somehow, with the stoke of a pen, make everyone rich? When you say it that way it seems ludicrous but the President seems to believe it. He doesn’t seem to understand the relationship between unemployment and minimum wages. I just came across a perfect real life example […]

Happiness is Employee Incentive Awards

Generally speaking, a company with happy employees means increased output and more revenue. Some of the main factors that contribute to employee happiness is feeling valued, matching them with jobs that accentuate their strengths and by celebrating their accomplishments. Consequently, it’s important to provide your employees with awards and incentives from time to time. Newsletter […]

Ray Was No “Norma Rae” He Understood Success

Last time we looked at Joe and the key to success. How he went from sweeping floors to plant manager in a few short years. Today we will look at Ray. As told by Dennis Miller: It’s not Fair! No SALESMAN should make that kind of money I started my career as an accountant for a […]

Although He Swept Floors Joe Knew the Key to Success

If you are a young person seeking a job or a “better job” this article by Dennis Miller gives you some critical advice on the activities and attitudes that will allow you to get ahead in today’s world. “The key to success is so simple. I can’t understand why more people don’t catch on. Working […]

How Much Does a Brick Mason Earn?

Brick Mason Salary While being among the highest paid trades in the construction industry, brick masons’ wages have been stagnant over recent years due to the slump in the housing industry. Although their numbers constitute a rather small category within the group of trades making up the construction industry, brick masons do very well in […]

How to Successfully Climb the Corporate Ladder

Climbing the infamous corporate ladder is not as difficult as you once thought. With the right attitude and a solid belief in yourself, you can move up the rungs of this invisible ladder to enjoy greater success. When you are ready to stop standing still on the ladder and move upwards, here are some steps […]

Small Business Security Tips

The revenue from your small business is hard-won, and the last thing that should compromise its profitability is theft. Unfortunately, many small business owners overlook this key component to a successful business, or are lax in the implementation of security policies. Establishing a secured premises is easier than it may sound, as long as you […]