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Intense Experiences: Working to Make Them Reality

What if you had the opportunity to work for a company that makes people’s dreams come true? This type of business really exists and it is called an experience company. Essentially, these companies sell wish-fulfillment. These are special gift packages that allows people to experience interesting and even exotic activities.  If you are someone who likes customer service or marketing and want to do something extraordinary and unique, this business may be the perfect fit as a career choice.

General Logistics

For the most part the job of a gift experience company is to organize the logistics of the event. It’s pretty similar to how a travel agent organizes transportation and lodgings for a trip. People at experience companies contact different partner companies and groups that offer the opportunity to do the experience event. For example, a company that trains security staff in SWAT tactics would be contacted by the Experience company to set up a partnership. The two companies then work out the details such as compensation, revenue sharing, and details for specific event packages. The company then markets these packages to the public. Here are some examples:

Driving Experiences

Extreme ExperiencesSay an experience company wants to include a stock car driving experience as one of its gift experience packages. It would contact a racing company or association like NASCAR. NASCAR has sales staff that would coordinate with the sales person from the experience company to see what services they offer and how both businesses can benefit. Further details like available driving schools, tracks, and teachers then get settled. The average customer would be a fan of NASCAR so both would look at how to market towards this type of customer or his or her friends or family.

Career Experiences

Career experiences are very popular and an experience company may go about creating the experience in several ways. The most common way is to use a commercial school for particular jobs like SWAT or Marine boot camp. These companies often package these experiences for practical purposes such as career training. The job of an experience company would be to find a way to make the experience into a gift package. This may be shortening a training regimen to one day or arranging for job shadowing. The result is a unique way for people to live out their dream jobs.

Of Course The Most Fun Job…

The most fun aspect is actually taking part in the experiences yourself. For example, part of the job of product strategist at Australian company Red Balloon involves testing out the experiences. There are also great theme experiences like zombie apocalypse where actors can take part in a fantasy horror experience. There are as many ways to get involved as there are gift experience packages. To get started, think about what you love doing or would like to do and contact these companies to learn about openings that match your skills. You may well be on your way to a dream job.

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