How Companies Can Monitor and Anticipate Financial Trends

Unless a company can accurately predict financial trends, it can be difficult to manage many aspects of a company, from sales to supplier sourcing. Imagine a company embarking on a new adventure to rehab and flip houses in 2008. The banking crisis that ensued would have guaranteed their failure. On the other hand it might have been a good time to open a business to help retrain laid-off workers for new positions. The following guide explores some of the methods that companies use to monitor and anticipate financial trends.

5 More Dangerous Jobs

Recently we posted Demanding Jobs: Rigorous Physical Careers and so this month we are going to follow up with 5 more dangerous jobs. ~Tim McMahon, editor Dangerous Work: Five Jobs With the Most Risk Workplace safety is often taken for granted, considering that the majority of jobs have virtually nonexistent injury rates. But on the […]

The Role Of an Umbrella Insurance Policy In Your Organization

An Umbrella Policy is Full Coverage Insurance Liability is a big buzzword these days, and there are very few other words that make business people cringe and fearful at the same time. As the world seemingly gets more and more litigious, liability takes on a whole new meaning. These days, there is no predicting what […]