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Keys to Advancing in Your Chosen Career

Whether you work for an organization or run your own business, there are some skills that you can master to improve your chances for success. Interestingly, there are a few skills that no-matter what your industry, sector, or position, mastering these skills will help you to advance in your career.

1. Learn How to Network

People who want to succeed in business must learn how to network. Develop strong relationships with others to work your way up the ladder and take advantage of opportunities. However, the relationship must never seem forced or transactional. If you only reach out to people when you require something from them, they may feel as if they are being used and may cut ties with you altogether. The old adage that it is “better to give than receive” may sound like it has nothing to do with business but if you give first people are much more likely to reciprocate. Find out what they need and try to find ways to help them get it.  Keep up with your contacts, it only takes a few minutes to send an email to say hello to a connection and ask how they are, and they’ll be more likely to help you when you need it, as a result.

2. Improve Your Presentation Skills

Presentations are a natural part of most businesses. You may have to undertake some form of public speaking at some point in your career. A public speaking course might, therefore, be the ideal solution to refine your delivery and pitches, so you appear to be a knowledgeable presenter and more confident in your approach. You should also use the best online presentation software to capture your audience’s attention and create engaging presentations.

3. Find a Mentor

A mentor can help guide you in the industry, as they can pass on their tips to ensure your success, or provide stories on their mistakes to prevent similar failures. What’s more, they will have the knowledge and experience to offer candid feedback, which can accelerate your career, as you can improve your weaknesses and highlight your strengths. Networking with like-minded professionals can be a great way to find a mentor and a good mentor can help you make other network connections.

4. Know When to Take a Break

Many busy professionals are so focused on advancing their career that they fail to realize when they need to take a break. It can, however, be helpful to temporarily press pause on your career to prevent burning out. A little downtime will allow you to recharge your batteries, so you can return to work feeling happier, and you may be much more productive. So, identify when you are running on empty and take a much-needed vacation. You’ll be more successful for it.

5. Read Industry News

Unfortunately, many talented professionals fail to look at the bigger picture, often they are too busy “putting out fires” and focusing on the trees to notice the forest around them. If you want to find out how you fit into a business, and gain insight into the various factors driving an industry, as well as its challenges, you should start reading industry news. Paying close attention to trade publications and industry articles will allow you to stay at the forefront of your industry, and you can use this knowledge to drive the business into the future and establish yourself as a thought leader.

Share your top tips on how to advance in a career by posting a comment below. We look forward to reading them!

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