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The Most Outsourced Jobs in 2017

The term outsourcing represents a business partnership between a company and an individual (or company). In this partnership, they agree that the company will contract services from an outside provider who will be paid an agreed upon fee for their services. This type of business partnership can be long or short term.

An important detail of outsourcing is that the company that does the work doesn’t become an employee of the company that hired them.

In general, businesses look to outsource their processes to some other entity for a variety of reasons:

  1. Because they can save money
  2. Because some other organization can do that job better
  3. Because the need is short term and hiring is time consuming and expensive

This is a good arrangement which helps both parties benefit and enables them making money. This trend has grown so fast that today, you can find professional companies that outsource their services. This is their business model, and it works.

Here, we will talk about some of the most common outsourced jobs since the start of 2017.

Call Center Services

Call centers provide various services such as debt collection, customer support, telemarketing, etc. These services are meant to improve the overall customer support and client management as well. The call center that gets outsourced can provide outbound calls, inbound calls, or both.

Nowadays, there are specialized companies that provide advanced call center services and customer support with social media and email services as well. This is one of the most outsourced services in 2017. A lot of international companies outsource call centers because they are expanding to another market.

This means that they need foreign language native speakers who can take care of their clients there and offer them the support they need.

Accounting Services

When it comes to accounting, some of the most outsourced jobs include tax preparation, payroll processing and payment. An important factor that allows these services to be outsourced is that accounting has a standard regarding how it’s done internationally.

This means that outsourcing these services to a country with lower standards is convenient, as they do them the same way, only cheaper. Additionally, you need professionals who can do this job. Most companies don’t have people who can do this right, and it doesn’t pay off to hire new employees just for this.

This is why outsourcing accounting jobs are so popular in 2017.

Writing Jobs

Because it can be done from anywhere, one of the most outsourced tasks today is writing.  Today, there are a lot of freelance writers who make a living by offering part-time services to businesses around the world. They simply do a “gig” and move on to the next one.

The language barrier is one reason why people hire outside writers, as they want to reach new markets (i.e. a different language). On the other hand, content marketing requires a lot of material to be provided. This means that a whole marketing team can be hired to write valuable content that can improve business results.

Graphic Design

Similar to freelance writers, graphic designers also get hired to do gigs and, when they are finished, they must look for new clients. A freelance graphic designer can perform various tasks, from illustrations, logos, drawings, web content, and so on. Their services can be required by various organizations.

A lot of graphic designers cannot find full-time jobs, and that’s why they make money this way. However, now, there are complete graphic design companies that outsource their services to larger companies that have the need for greater quantities of work.


Manufacturing Processes

The days of production facilities being located locally are long gone. The trend of production facilities being located abroad has been growing strong since the advent of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in the  1990’s, and it hasn’t stopped yet. Big companies that have manufacturing needs almost always outsource their production processes abroad. This was one of Trump’s major campaign issues, i.e. to bring back manufacturing jobs to the U.S.

So, there you have it. These are some of the most commonly outsourced jobs in 2017; however, this business model is becoming so popular that we can expect only new types of jobs to get outsourced in the future. There are many other jobs that get outsourced, such as marketing services, PR management, clinical trial services, and so on.

Author Bio:

Catherine Park is a content developer who works in BackOfficePro. A talented writer by day and a good reader by night. She expresses her feeling and thoughts with her writing. She is loathe to discuss herself in the third person, but can be persuaded to do so from time to time.