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How to Stop Burnout and Build Momentum in Your Career

Job got you down? Feeling Burned out? Consider the following steps to maximize your potential and re-energize your career and life.

Try Different Strategies

If you have been doing your job the same way for a long time, there is a good chance you are going to get bored. Change up your approach now and then. Tackle your job duties from a different angle, or use a new technique. If you are not sure how to change, take a seminar or workshop in job-related creativity or productivity. Not only will you learn new ways of doing things, but you will also meet others in the class with whom you can exchange ideas.

In this video Brendon Burchard gives you some unusual tips to get control of your time and your life, to eliminate stress and feel more relaxed and energized rather than overwhelmed at work.

Find a Mentor

Join a local business or civic group, like the chamber of commerce. You will likely find others in your business field who have plenty of experience and have achieved success. Someone may be willing to partner with you as a mentor to share knowledge gained in his or her career. In addition, a mentor can serve as a sounding board when you want to vent or need an objective opinion on a work-related matter. A mentor can also recommend resources that may be useful, such as professional networking websites, business associations, and other individuals with more helpful information.

Ensure that You are Properly Compensated

One major cause of stress in the workplace is a feeling that you aren’t appreciated or that you aren’t being compensated fairly. If you truly are being taken advantage of you need to do something about the situation. If you don’t the situation will continue to get worse your job performance and health will suffer and eventually something will snap. The first step should be to talk to your boss or the Human Resources Department at your work. Once you have exhausted all of the resources available at your place of employment if the situations is still not resolved you may need to consult an overtime lawyer for advice on whether or how to request overtime compensation, as well as discuss any potential liabilities or risks.

Avoiding burnout may be as simple as delegating responsibilities, better scheduling, learning to say no and using your time more efficiently, or it may be necessary to take more drastic steps to eliminate stressors. But no matter what it takes, it’s worth the effort to eliminate the problem, so you can enjoy a happier, healthier and less stressful life.

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