The Path to Success: From Intern to Employee

The job market has never been more competitive than it is now. So candidates today have to go above and beyond to stand out against other applicants. Obviously, the work experience of each candidate is important but how you present yourself is equally important. Once you have the basic educational qualifications required, employers are in a position where they can be more selective due to the low number of available jobs and the high number of applications for each role which becomes available.

Convert your internship into full time employmentTraining and development are two areas that employers look for and nothing can fulfil this more than an internship. Internships are common for people to undertake either during or shortly after periods of education so they are able to gain the necessary skills when a full time job simply isn’t available. For those interns that impress the management of a company, they have a unique opportunity to become a full time member of staff and learn their trade from the ground up.  Here are some tips to help you convert that internship into employment. 

Be a sponge – make sure you take in every piece of knowledge and information possible and use it in the tasks you are given to complete. Make sure you are able to determine the relevant information and perfectly showcase how quickly you are able to learn and commit things to memory.

Be Pro-Active – you cannot simply complete the jobs that you are assigned, you need to show that you are serious about the position and go above expectation to impress employers. Even if it wasn’t quite what they were looking for they will appreciate your enthusiasm and ingenuity.

Outshine Colleagues – this may be a little more difficult as those that have been the role for some time will know the position backwards but they could also be complacent in their roles and will not be as enthusiastic or as engaged as you can be.

Strong Relationships – you need to build a good working relationship with colleagues as employers will quickly consider you to be part of the team and will struggle to envisage the unit without in it. Colleagues will also support you in your role and help you anyway they can to ensure you stay on.

Become Irreplaceable – you need to show the employer or manager that they couldn’t cope without you, whether you have a big role or something smaller make sure it is done to the best of your ability and that you can fulfil any task. They will gradually offer you more responsibility which you take and complete in the same way other jobs have been done.

Do Anything – be the one that volunteers to take the boring jobs and the tasks that no one wants, provided you can do them, if you can’t, ask someone to show you before you start. Make sure you are always at the forefront and are continuing to challenge yourself and show a strong work ethic.

Work the Hours and More – some roles will require long hours and a lot of motivation and commitment, just because you are intern doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the same attitude. Make sure you stay late if need be and keep working until deadlines are met, the earlier they are met the better.

Ask Questions – make sure you ask your manager and or employer what you can do to be considered for a full time position, any additional work that you can do, learn about the company, ask them every relevant and appropriate question possible. They will appreciate the enthusiasm and see your desire to learn.

Sell Yourself – an internship is like a longer interview, you have much more opportunity to sell yourself and your skills and be able to show the employer just why you are the right one for the job.

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