How to be Motivated at Work

Your first job is often an exciting and electrifying experience, having set the milestone towards a hopefully vibrant and successful career. Over your first year on the job you are introduced to some rigors but you are bent on achieving results that exceeded your employer’s expectations. The novelty of the experience makes vitality spring forth into your working veins, […]

Shortcuts to a Good Job: Online Certificate Programs, Career Training or Community College?

Attending a big University may seem like the American dream. But there are many obstacles to completing college. For some, it could be the cost while for others, they simply don’t have the time to sit through four years of school. Someone with small children who desperately needs a better income may not be able to attend a traditional […]

7 Tips for the Newly Unemployed

Newly Unemployed?  Losing your job can be devastating–especially if you weren’t expecting it. Searching for another job can be time consuming in 2012 the average duration of unemployment was 40.2 weeks. So you need to put your finances in order immediately. If you are newly unemployed, the following tips will help you keep your head above […]

Leadership Styles in Management

Effective Leadership Styles One of the most important tools for corporate managers is leadership. Corporate managers generally arrive in their successful positions through hard work, diligence, and the proper training and education. Often coming from executive MBA programs and other top schools, corporate managers will have worked their way up as specialists in their fields […]

Degrees in Communications: Disney’s Dream

Mass Communications According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, the communications industry has a wide variety of interesting positions available, everything from graphics designers to reporters and technical writers to film editors. Plus there are announcers, photographers,  translators, etc. And that doesn’t even take into consideration all the new media jobs coming on […]

7 Tips to Finding More Clients for Your Home Business

More Clients for Your Home Business Going into business for yourself may seem like a good idea, but you’ll soon find out everything isn’t peaches and cream. Running a home business is time consuming, and can be extremely stressful. Simply announcing you are in business isn’t enough. You have to promote yourself and your business […]

How to Land a Temp to Permanent Job

A temp job helps you make money and gain experience.  Such work can also help you build a solid resume.  If you perform well in your temp work, the employer may hire you or consider you for a future permanent position.  What if the temp job requires you to work in different departments of the […]

How College Students can Write a Powerful Resume

Resume Writing for College Students- Gather the info:  Get all of your data, such as your grades, main courses, projects, internship details, achievements and experience.  With all the information in one place, you are ready to start your resume. Understand the Job Needs:  Read the job ad carefully and find out what skill and experience it needs.  […]

Job Success Tips for College Students

How can College Students become Job-ready? Are you in your junior or senior year of college?  Prepare yourself for the job market now and don’t let the recession bother you.  As a college student you might not find too many jobs.  But, you can build a strong foundation for a future career. Here are some tips for […]

Why Accounting Is A Safe Bet

Accounting- In today’s economy, many people are looking for college majors that will give them a good shot at employment when they graduate.  While many schools talk about the inherent value of an education, few students have the luxury of spending years at a private university exploring various arts degrees.  In actuality, most students need […]