Fast Track: How to Streamline Your Hiring Process

If your company is struggling to hire new employees, it’s time to review your hiring processes and change some of your practices. A sluggish economy that is compounded by competitive candidate market means most companies need to speed up their hiring processes through strategic planning, better decision making, and implementing technological solutions.

Startup Success: Max Sales-Low “Burn Rate”

The key to a startup success is knowing that the faster your startup can get from a business plan to revenue, the more likely it is the company will survive and succeed. Many new businesses measure their finances in terms of their “burn rate,” which is a number that indicates the rate at which venture capital is being used and not replaced through sales.

Business Organization: Ways to Track Inventory and Streamline Processes

The success of many businesses depends on how well inventory is tracked, organized and handled. Here are three proven ways to increase efficiency and profitability through better tracking inventory, reviewing data and streamline processes.

Creative Ways to Increase Employee Loyalty and Job Satisfaction

Happy employees will promote the company they work for, whereas disgruntled employees will only do sub-par work and may be inclined to steal from or defraud the company. Given these crucial points, it is important that business owners identify ways to increase employee loyalty.

7 Tips to Cutting Business Expenses

Business expenses can quickly spin out of control and cause you, the proprietor, quite a bit of undue stress. So, how do you prevent it and more importantly how do you get back the monetary control that you need in order to keep your business healthy? Pay Attention to Even the Smallest Business Expenses The […]

4 Software Programs Every Small Business Needs

Every entrepreneur needs affordable and efficient software programs to help them run their company, to save time and save money. Read on to learn about four key programs that will ensure the financial success of your small business.

Saving Money on Small Business Expenses

Running a small business can be tough. If you’re not careful with your expenses, you can easily go into the red. Thankfully, there are many things small businesses can do to save money. Below are five strategies for saving money on all your most important expenses.

Lessons in Funding for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need to understand all aspects of their business in order to thrive. This includes funding and how to interact with investors and lenders. Here is an analysis of some of the most important lessons gained by successful entrepreneurs who were able to find money when they most needed it.

Which Benefits Aren’t Benefiting Your Employees?

businesses are being forced to eliminate certain benefits in order to reduce costs so they can survive financially. This is due to increased competition, reduced market shares, and a sluggish economy. Supplemental insurance expert, William Hofto at All About Voluntary explains that voluntary benefits are a better option for most businesses and most employees, since they meet the exact needs of employees and save companies money. Here are some benefits that may be made optional in order to keep your company financially healthy.

Online Electronic Storage

Many companies are understandably apprehensive when starting the process of giving up paper hard copies and moving to digital files. Online storage will hopefully save time, money, and future frustrations, but getting there can be the hardest part. Below explains how to ensure a smooth transition for your employees and business as a whole.