Why Going to School in Pajamas is Right For You

College typically encompasses some of the best years in a young person’s life: why the dorms, the shared bathrooms, the terrible food, the overpriced books, the exorbitant tuition, the parties, the hangovers. Ah, what a time. Who doesn’t remember the joys of being a ninth year senior? But, this is not for everyone. Are you […]

Day Traders: American Stereotypes that Inspire Stupidity

There’s a whole lot of hubbub in the media about the outside world’s perceptions of America. There’s a narrative that Americans are portrayed as greedy, arrogant and nosey, and a great fuss is made over public opinion. It is true that all eyes are on America, but that is because we produce so much media […]

Five Reasons to Become a Travel Nurse

Travel Nurse – According to Wikipedia– Travel nursing is a nursing assignment concept that developed in response to the nursing shortage. This industry supplies nurses who travel to work in temporary nursing positions, mostly in hospitals. Studies indicate that nursing needs will outpace the supply of nursing staff in the United States by over 250,000 […]