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Five Reasons to Become a Travel Nurse

Travel Nurse –

According to WikipediaTravel nursing is a nursing assignment concept that developed in response to the nursing shortage. This industry supplies nurses who travel to work in temporary nursing positions, mostly in hospitals.

Studies indicate that nursing needs will outpace the supply of nursing staff in the United States by over 250,000 registered nurses within the next twelve years. As a quarter of working RNs near retirement age, health care facilities are seeking creative ways to provide quality patient care. According to Industry Analysts, one way hospitals are filling nursing spots is by hiring traveling nurses. In fact, these on-the-go RNs make up approximately 20,000 current working nurses. Experts expect this trend to grow, due in part to great benefits for traveling nurses.

Make More Money

ATravel Nurseccording to Industry Analysts, travel nurses make more than equivalent RNs in permanent staff positions. Average hourly wages for traveling nurses range from approximately $22 to over $35. In addition to hourly pay, nurses may also be compensated in the form of housing, reimbursement for travel costs and standard employment benefits like health insurance and retirement plans.

Make Your Own Schedule

In many cases, travel nurses have more say regarding their schedule. They are not subject to mandatory shifts or overtime that are often forced upon permanent hospital staff. They can also provide preferences to their agency regarding how much and when they want to work. As with any nursing job, long hours and late nights may be required, but a travel nurse at least has a voice in these decisions.

Work Across America

Travel nurses can choose from numerous areas, working near beaches, mountains or big cities. The program can be a great way to see the country, gain new experiences and have adventures. Some nurses time their work with the seasons, hitting snowy mountains and ski areas during the winter, beach towns during the summer and rural areas for beautiful fall months.

Get Varied Experience

Working in so many places will help nurses build valuable skill sets and a strong resume. This can be a huge benefit if the individual decides to get a full-time staff job and can even lead to eventual promotion. Travel nursing is a great option for younger nurses who do not have family or other commitments. After several years, they will have the experience necessary to step into a higher level job.

Make a Difference

Travel nurses often work in areas that have the most medical need. Delivering quality medical care in a facility that is understaffed helps to save patient lives. Travel nursing can allow an individual to feel like they are making a difference and reduces the perception of a daily grind.

As nursing shortages grow, hospitals and facilities will need creative ways to deliver quality nursing staff. Travel nurses may be able to pick and choose from excellent jobs, make great money and see the country. They will also make a difference in the lives of thousands of patients.

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