What’s the Latest Buzz on Online Medical Education

The advent of the internet and personal computers revolutionized the way we receive information. Modern technology makes it possible to educate and train the next generation of health care providers in a virtual classroom (such as those at CNACertification-Training.com). While online education creates opportunities for many people, especially those unable to pursue an education otherwise, […]

Tips for Non-Traditional Students

If you are over the age of 25 and have decided to continue your education, you are considered a non-traditional student. And you’re not alone. More and more adults are choosing to go back to school to continue their education. Many of the keys to success are the same for regular college students and non-traditional […]

Why Going to School in Pajamas is Right For You

College typically encompasses some of the best years in a young person’s life: why the dorms, the shared bathrooms, the terrible food, the overpriced books, the exorbitant tuition, the parties, the hangovers. Ah, what a time. Who doesn’t remember the joys of being a ninth year senior? But, this is not for everyone. Are you […]

Going Back To School? Here Are The Top 5 Online Programs To Pursue

Top 5 Online Programs Today’s job market is tough. If you are thinking about going back to school but don’t want to waste your money on degrees that won’t help you find a career that is in demand, take a look at some online programs that will pay for themselves. One major benefit of taking […]