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Work Ethic Initiatives

The Importance of a Good Work Ethic Employees with a good strong work ethic are critical to the success of a business. One of the key factors employers look for when hiring  new employees is a good work ethic… it can be as important if not more important than experience or education. What is a Good Work Ethic? […]

OECD unemployment rate stable at 8.1% in May

The OECD area unemployment rate was steady at 8.1% in May, unchanged for the third consecutive month. The Euro area unemployment rate was also stable at 9.9% for the third consecutive month. Most OECD countries confirm the general pattern of steady or falling unemployment rates although Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden and the United States […]

Teen Employment Rate Plunges

Only 1 in 4 Teens is Employed Teenage employment rates have averaged around 45% since the 1950’s but since 2000 the teenage employment rate has plummeted. Currently less than 25% of teenagers can find a job. But don’t worry the government has a plan to create 50,000 new jobs… So what is this magic plan you […]

Kick Your Debt to the Curb before Retirement

By Stewart Smith We all desire to spend our post retirement days in ease, pleasure and enjoyment. However, to do this you need to retire with enough money to cover your daily retirement expenses and any emergencies that arise. You also should not have any more debt left to take care of in the post […]