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World-Wide Hourly Compensation Comparison

The 2010 worldwide hourly compensation cost comparison is finally in. So we can see how the wages stack up between 34 different countries. Not surprisingly many European Countries have higher employment costs than the U.S. because of their massive social programs. This of course makes them less competitive in the world market. Surprisingly, in 2010 […]

The Difference a Degree Makes in Unemployment Levels

The Difference a College Degree Makes We’re always told by our parents that we need a good education in order to get a good job. And that we will make more money if we have a good education. But these days we hear of unemployed college graduates camping out in New York city and protesting Wall Street […]

North Dakota Jobs Booming

While the unemployment rate in most of the United States hovers around 9% an unlikely sounding state is booming. The current unemployment rate in North Dakota of all places is just 3.5% according the September report of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (Nationwide, the rate is 9.1%). An oil boom has sprung up and […]

World’s Most Weird and Wonderful Jobs

By Isabella Woods   As many of us are only too aware, we spend a lot of time at work. According to the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development, the average Brit spends 1,530 hours a year working, while the average American spends even longer – a back-breaking, finger-hurting 1,896 hours every year. Things are […]

8 Ways To Make An Impact On Your First Interview

By Ally Tobias   There’s no question that it’s a buyer’s market out there. Close to 10% of the population is unemployed and who knows how many more under-employed. How can you stand out from the hundreds, sometimes thousands, other job seekers? Here are 8 steps most job seekers miss to make you stand out against […]

How to Bag your Dream Job

With unemployment at a high, it’s tough out there in the job market. These days, employers are playing it cautious when it comes to advertising for jobs, and when they do decide to advertise, they’re looking for the cream of the crop in terms of potential employees, so it’s vital you’ve done your homework. With that […]

Compensation Costs Up in September 0.3 Percent

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released the compensation costs for U. S. civilian workers on Friday October 28th. Wages and salaries are up 0.3% or roughly 1/3rd of 1% for the month.  This represents 70% of the total of the cost of maintaining employees. The remaining 30% of the cost comes from benefits and […]

10 Awesome Jobs You Can Do From Home

Work From Home Jobs One of the biggest changes taking place in the modern work force is the number of people who now telecommute doing their job from home. We are fast reaching the stage where it is not necessary to travel to work and back each day just to sit at an office work […]

OECD Unemployment Rate Hovering at 8.2% in July

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released its report on unemployment in OECD countries today. The unemployment rate for the entire OECD area was  unchanged for the fifth consecutive month at 8.2% in July 2011. The Euro area unemployment rate was unchanged at 10.0% for the second consecutive month and has hovered around this level since December 2010. Between June and […]

Work Ethic Initiatives

The Importance of a Good Work Ethic Employees with a good strong work ethic are critical to the success of a business. One of the key factors employers look for when hiring  new employees is a good work ethic… it can be as important if not more important than experience or education. What is a Good Work Ethic? […]