Teaching College Online

Online teaching jobs have become a viable work-from-home alternative for many people. Let’s look at the best web resources for teaching jobs, some featured sites and why every prospective teacher should be using it to find a job. Teaching College Online – Requirements The requirements for obtaining an online teaching job in an e-instruction institution are […]

What are the Opportunities for Nurses in Health Informatics

With today’s advances in technology, health informatics has become one of the fastest-growing fields for healthcare professionals. Health informatics specialists are in demand not only in hospitals, but also in private practice and emergency care clinics throughout the country. Health informatics involves the processing of information through computers and other electronic devices. This information includes […]

5 Excellent Tips to Ace your Next Phone Interview

Companies are increasingly finding it difficult to hire the best employees. One way firms are dealing with this problem is by holding initial phone interviews before scheduling a face-to-face interview. As a job seeker, you need to prepare yourself well if you wish to pass this initial huddle. Below is an overview of a few […]

How to Use Twitter to Land a Job

Every day technology hands the world a new tool that helps people experience and accomplish things differently than they did in the past. Applying for a job, for example, has changed drastically from twenty years ago when candidates were expected to either fax or mail in their resume. Now, social media is changing the entire […]