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Worldwide Unemployment Rates

Unemployment Rates Around the World

Worldwide unemployment rate have started to moderate with the notable exceptions of France and Italy.

The worldwide unemployment rate seems to indicate a bit of improvement as unemployment has been trending down over the most recent months that data is available. Unfortunately, it takes several months to collect the data from around the world so the most recent data is July 2012.   The best performing country was Japan with an unemployment rate of only 3.9%. At 5.2% and 5.3% respectively we have Australia and the Netherlands. Germany was at 5.7%, Canada had 6.3% unemployment, Sweden had 7.4%, the U.S. had 8.3%, France was at 10.0% and Italy had 10.8% unemployment.worldwide unemployment ratesAs you can see from the chart, up through 2011, the Netherlands had consistently lower unemployment than even Japan but in the past year it has begun climbing.  It has crossed above Japan and is now in the range of Australia. During the same time period Gemany’s unemployment rate has fallen below that of Canada, while Italy has gone from middle of the pack to cross above Germany, Sweden, the U.S., and France to take the dubious honor of top spot.

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 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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