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Type A Personality? Some Jobs for You to Consider

Type A personalities tend to be career- and goal-oriented. They are laser-focused on achieving goals and are considered risk takers. They’re often competitive, driven and controlling. While this can lead to stress, it can be channeled into avenues that can lead to success. If you have a type A personality, you will need to find the ideal career path that works best for your strengths, or you’ll likely experience disappointment, stress and discomfort. Below are some possibilities when considering career paths:


Type A PersonalityWhile some people are not cut out for having their own business and flourishing, Type A personalities thrive in a world they create for themselves in their own company. Entrepreneurs have to be self-motivated, driven to succeed and able to adapt to changes. This is the very essence of a type A personality. The type of business they start will depend on their interests, but overall, it’s a path that is perfect for them.

Public Relations Expert

An expert in public relations should be a great communicator as well as a bit of an extrovert. The type A personality who seeks a job in public relations will have skills like speed and the ability to make fast decisions on their side. Combined with a master’s in public relations, they should be able to be bold but temper that boldness with diplomacy and tact, since they’ll be dealing with many other personality types in their business.

Police Detective

The driven nature of their personality, as well as their love of sticking to goals, makes police detective work a good choice of career for the Type A. It comes naturally to these people to appreciate the thrill of a challenge, whether that be analyzing evidence at the scene of a crime or making connections from interviews with suspects and witnesses. Their outspoken attitude is also a welcome quality in a detective career, as detectives are often called upon to testify at legal proceedings.

Business Coach

The type A thrives in environments where others ask them to help with issues and problems. They can use their orderly and structured business sense to help others achieve their goals. The type A is self-confident and has excellent communication skills, which are essential for a business coach. They love to organize people and projects, so they’ll be able to assess a person’s goals and find solutions that work.

Everyone should strive to find a career that suits their personality best. If you have a type A personality, focus on finding a fast-paced, high-stakes career path that you enjoy and are comfortable in. While work can be stressful as a type A, it can also be very rewarding to get so much accomplished in the world.


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