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Top 7 Useful Tips for Unemployed Law Grads

If you have just graduated with a law degree, expect o go through some tough moments as you look for a job. This challenge seems more difficult due to a number of reasons. One, you worked hard to get a vacancy in law school and continued with the same spirit throughout the course. Secondly, a huge sum of money was needed to facilitate your education, and you still have bills to pay. Your ultimate goal is to land a job that requires a law degree, but it is not easy. This post presents practical guidelines you should follow to get a job.

  1. Pass the bar on the first attempt

If you are serious about practicing law, you need to pass the bar exam the first time you take it. Study smart and stay focused. Forget about the typical commercial programs; what you need is to employ your best studying skills and discover your strengths and weaknesses. Double-check that you learn the materials actively and track your progress consistently. Also, find ways to bust stress and other mental health problems so you can do your exam in a good state of mind.

  1. Do something to generate income

First class law degree jobs are hard to get immediately after graduating. This should not scare you; just take a deep breath because an executive law job is not the only way to help you pay your bills. Utilize the other skills which life has taught you and come up with ways to earn money. Do not give the excuse for being too busy finding a law job; go out and explore the world.

  1. Check your application materials

There are many graduates who miss golden opportunities because of poor resumes and typing errors which. Lawyers are expected to be meticulous, and if your application letter is not in compliance with the requirements, it means you might not be careful with legal cases either. University coursework help can help you review your application and create an impressive cover letter for you. Because you need to have someone to proofread your materials before you send them to a law firm.

  1. Take on a pro bono

The crucial thing is to ensure that you get a great mentor in the pro bono project. Start with your local bar organization and choose a case related to your field. In addition to getting an official mentor, you will also gain experience which is critical to law grad’s resume. At least you will have something to talk about if you are invited for in-house legal graduate jobs interviews.

  1. Figure out how to pay your student loan

If your education was facilitated by a student loan, you need to consider the available repayment options. If you default, accidentally or intentionally, you might ruin your credit. Debts are quite scary, but it is essential to know what you are dealing with and evaluate the feasible options.

  1. Don’t be too choosy

Take advantage of any job opportunity, whether in the legal sector or commerce. Don’t hold back if you are searching for a job. Stop being lazy and apply for as many positions as possible if you don’t want to stay in the unemployment class forever. Idealism is what makes most graduates fail because they are focused on getting employed on a lifestyle firm. Go ahead and apply for government positions and you might just land on a wonderful career. As noted in the above video, the majority of Yale Law school graduates went on to clerk for judges around the country so obviously that is an excellent route to take. But if you can’t land one of these prestigious positions don’t be discouraged there are many other options available with law firms, legal-aid, corporations and even start-ups.


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