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Make a Difference: 3 Most Rewarding Careers

A rewarding career allows a person to enjoy both professional and personal benefits. The following outlines three rewarding careers that allow a person to be of service to others while making a real difference in their lives.

A Special Education Teacher

Rewarding CareersThe work of a special education teacher is rewarding because this type of teacher instructs students with a variety of learning delays and challenges. Special education teachers can instruct students from elementary school through high school. The person has to find creative and effective ways to guide his or her students in understanding various topics. For instance, a special education teacher may have to rework a traditional science lesson on photosynthesis in order to give his or her students a clear understanding of the topic. A special education teacher has the opportunity to be a positive, encouraging influence on students during an especially important time in their lives. In short, a student’s level of confidence can be raised or lowered depending on the skills and approach of a special education teacher. A special education teacher with dedication to the profession can be proud of his or her influence on students.

A Traveling Nurse

Unlike a nurse who works in a hospital or a clinic, a traveling nurse visits a variety of patients in their homes each day. These patients aren’t able to travel, but need regular medical attention from a professional. The work of a traveling nurse is rewarding in that he or she provides necessary care to people of all ages and income levels. The nurse is using his or her training to dress a patient’s wounds, check vital signs, and even to instruct the person on taking medications at the proper time. Aside from these practical services, a traveling nurse can provide encouragement to a person who may feel isolated in his or her home. A traveling nurse has the opportunity to let his or her patients know that they are important and deserve proper care. There are also different jobs within the travel nurse community such as a pediatric icu nurse or a geriatric nurse.

An Interpreter for the Deaf

Finally, the work of an interpreter for the deaf is very rewarding in that the person provides a basic service to a deaf person. He or she helps the person to communicate with others in a fundamental way. Whether the interpreter works in a hospital, a courtroom, a social services agency or a school, he or she is providing an invaluable service to both the deaf person and the public.

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