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Six Careers for Natural Leaders

Leadership ID-10074620When choosing a career, it is important that you consider both your interests and strengths. Certain careers are better suited toward people that are naturally strong leaders. If you take the time and consideration to choose carefully, you will be more likely to enjoy what you do and excel at it.


We often think of the primary characteristic of a nurse to be compassion but although it may not be obvious at first glance, it is highly beneficial for nurses to also be good leaders, have strong personalities and excellent organizational skills. They often have to keep track of many patients and pay close attention to detail. They have to be effective communicators with patients, their families, doctors, and other supporting staff. And on occasion they need to be forceful in order to ensure the best care for their patients.


Teachers are charged with educating and helping raise up and prepare the younger generation for the future. It takes a strong personality, compassion, and patience to help equip students with the knowledge and skills they will need in life. Teachers need to be able to manage a classroom full of energetic students, as well as plan lessons effectively, communicate with parents and interact positively with other teachers, administrators, and support staff. Teachers also need good organizational skills, self-confidence, conflict resolution, motivation skills, and empathy.

Police Officer

Police officers put their lives on the line on a daily basis to help ensure that civilians stay safe. In addition to their on duty services, many often participate in other public services, such as health and safety talks at schools where they educate kids about things such as saying no to drugs, bike safety, and stranger danger. As we mentioned in Finding the Right Career Path with Your University Skills a U.S. Department of Justice-funded research project entitled Hiring in the Spirit of Service identified the following as core competencies for law enforcement officers:

  • Ability to use good judgment and to problem solve
  • Capacity for empathy and compassion
  • Capacity for multi-tasking
  • Ability to demonstrate courage and to take responsibility
  • Ability to be resourceful and show initiative
  • Demonstrating assertiveness
  • Possess and demonstrate integrity
  • Capacity for engaging in teamwork and ability to collaborate.


Whether coaching for a professional team or little league, coaches make a tremendous impact on the lives of those they work with. Coaching offers a unique opportunity to impact those that you coach in nearly every aspect of their lives. Coaches teach the skills necessary to excel on the field or court, but also help instill virtues such as hard work, confidence, and perseverance. In addition to knowledge of the sport you will be coaching, to be a good coach you need to develop a variety of different skills including:

  • Organization
  • Safety
  • Building Rapport
  • Providing Instruction and Explanation
  • Leadership
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Motivation

A master’s degree in coaching can give you the technical and leadership skills that will help you succeed in this field.


We depend on good strong leaders to serve in local, state, and federal positions. Politicians need to be able to make tough decisions that best benefit their constituents. They need to be able to listen to many people, take their opinions into consideration, and make the best decision possible.

According to Former Congressman Lee Hamilton, “Members of Congress play a central role in our lives. They shape our health-care system, make crucial decisions about the U.S. economy, and represent the hopes and interests of every American in Washington… The public may believe that politics is a dirty business, but effective members of Congress must be trustworthy… The best politicians also sustain an unusually high energy level and an ability to focus on the task at hand.”


Counselors work with people from all walks of life, such as children, couples, families, individuals struggling with drug dependency or mental illness. Individuals that choose counseling as a career have to be able to communicate compassionately and strongly to those they work with. They have to be able to lead people through what are often very difficult situations.

Some of the main skills that will help you in the counseling profession include:
  • Empathy
  • Flexibility
  • Listening Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Boundary Setting
  • Critical Thinking
  • Business Management

If you are a natural leader, embrace your strength and choose a career that will allow your personality to shine through.

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