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5 Best Male Nursing Jobs

Are Male Nursing Jobs Different?-

You may think that men enjoy different jobs than women when it comes to nursing. In reality, people love the different nursing careers because of their personality, not because of their gender. If you’re a man and are considering entering the nursing profession, there is no better time than now. The demand for male nurses is at an all-time high; here are five of the best careers in nursing currently available:

1.Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)-

Male Nursing jobs While less than ten percent of the nursing profession is made up of men, only about 50 percent of CRNAs are women. As a CRNA, you will help provide anesthetics to people undergoing a wealth of procedures; from major surgeries to minor tune-ups. As a male CRNA you may find work in a bustling hospital in the city or in a small, quaint hospital in the country. CRNAs are well-respected in the medical profession, working in conjunction with anesthesiologists and doctors.

2.Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners-

Male psychiatric nurse practitioners work in a wide variety of settings, including mental health clinics, hospitals, prisons and even for themselves in their own practice. As a psychiatric nurse practitioner, you can reasonably expect to make up to $85,000 per year helping people deal with various mental disorders and diseases. In your professional life, you’ll be asked to do the same things that a psychiatrist would do: consult with patients, diagnose mental illness, provide counseling and prescribe medications.

3.Pediatric Endocrinology Nurses-

A male pediatric endocrinology nurse, or PED ENDO nurse, treats children with delays in sexual development and physical growth. As a PED ENDO nurse, you’ll spend your career working with toddlers, children, teenagers and their families. You may assist children who have intersex disorders, hypoglycemia, diabetes or glandular disorders. To be a pediatric endocrinology nurse you must have superior communications skills as you’ll be tasked with explaining complex issues to children and their concerned guardians.

4.Orthopedic Nurse-

As a male orthopedic nurse, you’ll be charged with taking care of people who have suffered sprains, fractures and those recovering from joint replacement surgeries. You may also take care of patients suffering from osteoporosis or genetic malformations of the skeletal system. You may be able to assist in surgeries, help patients recover and teach families of patients how to care for their ailing loved one. If you have a strong interest in anatomy and physiology, the field of orthopedics is an exciting one, full of both challenge and reward.

5.Trauma Nurse-

Trauma nurses have some of the most exciting jobs in the field. As a male trauma nurse, you may be asked to work in the emergency room or on a helicopter transporting critically injured patients to the nearest trauma center. While all nurses need to have a strong stomach, you will have to be especially stoic and steady as a trauma nurse; you’ll see the worst of the worst. Many male nurses working in trauma, report enjoying their job thanks to rarely having two shifts that are exactly the same. If you crave a bit of excitement and want to work in a fast-paced environment, you’ll find a career as a male trauma nurse a perfect fit.

While nursing has traditionally been considered a job for women; men are entering the profession at a swift pace. Whether you are just graduating from high school, going back to school as an adult or are already a registered nurse, any of these five careers would be a smart choice. If you’re looking for a job that allows you to care for people and think on your feet, a career in nursing may be exactly what you need.

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