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10 Careers Off the Beaten Path

Law, medicine and engineering are traditional professions promoted because they are known to provide good salaries and stable employment. People have been led to believe that if you get into any of these fields you are guaranteed to get rich. This is the reason many children are encouraged to get education in these fields.

While many people enjoy these lines of work, not everyone is cut out to make it in these industries. There are various reasons why might not want to pursue a traditional career.

The question is, if these careers don’t suit you does that mean you are out of luck? No! You can still find a high paying job even if you didn’t end up becoming a doctor, lawyer or engineer.

These days, there are several other jobs that are outside these fields but are also popular for their good pay. Be on the lookout and explore all your possible options to get the high salary that you wanted.

If you dig deeper, jobs that are not commonly actively pursued by people could provide the income that you are after.  For example, becoming an embalmer may not be the first job you think of, but embalmers, earn an average of $43,680 per year.

Hotdogs are a crowd favorite and you could find hotdog stands in a variety of locations. Perhaps you have bought hotdogs from them, but it may have never crossed your mind to sell hotdogs yourself. This could be as your own boss or working for someone else. If you think that this wouldn’t pay much, think again. A hotdog mobile stand placed at the right location could earn you from $30,000 to $100,000 a year! Make sure to get the latest updates on the events around your area or know where the busy streets are to maximize your earning potentials.

Another unusual job to consider that you probably didn’t think of is an ice cream taster. Yes, you heard it right. Sounds exciting, right? Especially if you are an ice cream lover. As an ice cream taster, you would be responsible for ensuring the quality of ice creams and that includes tasting them. The average income that you could expect to get per year for this job is $56,000.

The variety of jobs available is amazing. We’ve created an infographic to help you be aware of some unusual options that you have when it comes to your career.

Take a look at the image below:

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