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Information about Bachelor of Commerce Degrees

Although many college graduates end up doing something entirely different than what they majored in, choosing the right degree is important to ensuring your future. Some majors like underwater basket weaving or psychology make it difficult to find jobs once you graduate. Today we are going to look at the Bachelor of Commerce Degree.


A Bachelor of Commerce is an undergraduate degree program in commerce and related subjects. The degree is also called the Bachelor of Commerce and Administration, or BCA. It is mainly offered in Commonwealth nations; however, the degree is no longer offered in the United Kingdom. Bachelor of Commerce is a well-liked degree in Canada, Europe and Australia for students eager to learn managerial skills to prepare them for the world of business after graduation. It’s comparable to a U.S. Bachelor of Business Management or Business Administration degree. The business knowledge they gain is comprised of accounting, law and marketing. While acquiring general business skills they specialize in one of the subjects the university offers in the program, such as economics, statistics or finance.

When selecting a Commerce degree program, the main areas of study that the university offers should be considered. The degree is intended to provide the student with a wide range of managerial skills while at the same time make them competent in some specific area. Most universities thus plan the degree in a way that apart from the main subject, the student gets an exposure to general business principles, quantitative analysis and organizational behavior. The curriculum focuses both on academic subjects, such as statistics or economics, as well as practical business subjects, like accountancy, law, management, marketing, finance, etc.


The specific requirements for the degree and the course structure tend to differ in different countries. The curriculum usually lasts three years in Australia, New Zealand, India, Malta, South Africa, and parts of Canada and the United Kingdom, and four years in majority of Canada, Republic of Ireland, Ghana, Pakistan, Philippines and the Netherlands. In South Africa, and some universities in India, many students lengthen their studies to a fourth “Honors” year for an additional postgraduate qualification which is usually focused exclusively on one subject. In Malta the additional year is not considered as a postgraduate qualification. Some nationally recognized universities such as Curtin Business School offer an international teaching and learning approach. This gives the students an opportunity to develop competency to work in international business. The quality of the education earned at a university can be gauged by having a look into the university’s accreditation. Canada’s Athabasca University is accredited in both Canada and the United States. It’s the first Canadian public university to do so. The Bachelor of Commerce programs have been reviewed by the Campus Alberta Quality Council in Canada and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the United States.


Thus a bachelor of commerce degree is planned for first-time university students. The degree offers a general idea and foundation of commerce and business. A bachelor’s degree in commerce prepares you with the skills and knowledge required to synchronize, control and handle employees and business processes.