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Creative Ways to Increase Employee Loyalty and Job Satisfaction

Employees are what give every business life. A business’s reputation can be built or destroyed by the actions of their employees. Happy employees will shine, while disgruntled employees do sub-par work and may even steal from or defraud the company. Given these crucial points, it is important that business owners identify ways to increase employee loyalty.

Pioneer Employee Engagement

Teamwork ID-100191218When employees feel engaged by their employers, they have enthusiasm for the work they do. The fact is that employee engagement can be quantified by increased production, increased sales, and the reduction in absenteeism. When an employee believes that their success is linked to the success of the business they work for, they feel an emotional attachment and become socially involved with the company.

Increase Employee Confidence through Training

No one enjoys doing a job they do not feel qualified to do. Additionally, no one likes to work at a job where they feel that there is no room for advancement. Employee training addresses both of these issues by providing employees with the skill set they need to be successful, while at the same time setting them up for future advancement. This in turn increases employee happiness and loyalty.

Build a Sense of Community through Team-Building

A strong sense of community and loyalty is created when individuals engage in team-building activities. Team-building activities, can be as simple as a company picnic at a local park, or more involved like a murder mystery dinner or something more exotic like those offered by Houdini’s Room Escape, which provide challenges that develop communication and problem solving skills.

These kinds of activities allow individuals who normally would not interact with each other to have a chance to meet one another, learn each others strengths, accept each others weaknesses, and create a sense of loyalty that lasts long after the team-building exercises have been completed.

Improve Employee Loyalty by Valuing Employee’s Time

Very few things can be as frustrating to an employee as having to live under constant deadlines. Of course, in business, some deadlines are unavoidable. However, employers can reduce the stress caused by deadlines by valuing their employee’s time. They show this by making meetings short and efficient and by scheduling meetings at a time when people are eager to get directly to the business at hand. For example, if a meeting is scheduled immediately before lunch or immediately before the end of the day, people want to cut to the chase so that they can get home.

Businesses are constantly struggling to find qualified employees. When they do, they must be proactive about keeping their employees happy, engaged, feeling a sense of community, and feeling that their time is valued. If they do this, their employees will be loyal and have a high sense of job satisfaction.

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