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5 Ways a DUI Can Affect Potential Employment

DUI ConvictionBeing convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) can carry many harsh consequences in a variety of aspects of your life. A conviction of a DUI is associated with possible jail time, fines, and attending rehabilitation classes, and it causes employment issues and family problems as well. According to DCMD Law “Every 30 minutes, someone in this country dies in an alcohol-related crash. Last year alone, over one million people were injured in alcohol-related traffic crashes.” In an effort to reduce the cause of such accidents Law Enforcement has been cracking down on those driving under the influence. Driving Under the Influence is a serious matter and even if you don’t cause an accident a DUI conviction can have serious consequences.

Although some of the penalties may be short-term, others can linger and continuously affect your daily life. One of the biggest long-term issues of a DUI relates to future employment, and here are five ways a conviction can affect it.

Losing Your Current Job

Some companies have policies allowing them immediately terminate your contract after a DUI conviction. (Primarily for those whose job involves or could involve driving). If this is not the case, you still may risk losing your current job due to missed work due to court appearances, required classes, and even imprisonment.


If you are considering going to school to further your education, having a DUI conviction can make it more difficult to be accepted into some programs, especially if you are pursuing professional level coursework and certifications. On top of acceptance into programs, DUIs also can affect eligibility for financial aid and make it more difficult to attain this assistance.

Suspended License

If you get your license suspended after a DUI, it can have a major impact on your career. If you are unable to drive to work and must rely on public transportation, friends or some other method, it can be an unreliable means of getting to work and cause issues with your current employer. If you are working in a position that requires you to drive, being without a license often results in termination.

 Job Applications

A DUI remains on your criminal record, and employers often run background checks before hiring employees. In addition to this, on many job applications there is a question regarding previous arrests, and a DUI conviction must be disclosed. While this detail does not exempt you from attaining a job, your chances may be lowered when compared with other applicants.

Insurance Issues

If you are required to hold a valid license to perform certain job duties, such as delivery or operating heavy machinery, your employer’s insurance policy may be negatively affected or even terminated by allowing you to continue working for them. Your personal ability to find auto insurance after a DUI can also be affected, as you generally must obtain a specific policy that is not offered by all providers and that comes with a much higher premium.

A DUI conviction can be devastating for the person at fault and for their family members. Being convicted of a DUI affects many areas in a person’s life, and can have an especially large effect on their ability to maintain their current employment or to obtain it in the future.

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