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Top 7 Job Search Websites

Today, searching for a job is easier than ever.  No longer do you have to wait by the mail for the newspaper or ask a family member if they know of any job openings.  Sure, while these resources work to an extent, it is no longer the go-to method.  Thankfully, the Internet is packed full of thousands of fantastic job search websites.  While some are amazing, some aren’t worth your time.  To help you set the best above the rest, here are some free job search websites you should have on your bookmarks for your upcoming job hunt:

#1 Job Search Website: Indeed.com

Social Media for the Job SearchIndeed.com is hands down one of the web’s best job search engines.  By inputting what you’re looking for and a location, Indeed can potentially spit out thousands of results.  The unique thing about Indeed is that they compile results from hundreds of job websites out there and give it to you in one nice list.   This will save you a lot of dirty work, trust me!

#2 SimplyHired.com

Similar to Indeed, SimplyHired uses the same technology.  The only difference that you’re going to note between the two is that Indeed can find things that SimplyHired can’t and vise versa.  It doesn’t hurt to use both of these search engines in your hunt.  With millions of jobs on their website now, there are more than likely plenty to choose from in your area.

#3 LinkedIn.com

Many people often think of LinkedIn as a professional social website.  While this is the case, many people don’t realize the power their jobs section has.  With their jobs, you can see what’s available in your area, who wrote the ad and you can even apply right on the website.  This is a fantastic website for professionals around the globe.

#4 CareerBuilder.com

Started back in 1995, CareerBuilder.com used to be massive before Indeed and SimplyHired hit.  While many people don’t use it as much, there are still plenty of options available.  The unique thing about this job searching site is that they pull a lot of job listings from popular newspapers.  They also include almost every Fortune 500 company out there, too.

#5 Monster.com

Similar to CareerBuilder, Monster was a “monster” back in the day, drawing in millions of users daily.  While their traffic has dropped slightly, it doesn’t take away from the credibility of the website.  Monster is another website that has a lot of part-time and full-time jobs for just about any profession.  Aside from their listings, they also have unique features that can block companies and even assist you with uploading your resume.

#6 Craigslist

Craigslist is a great resource for those that are looking for any type of job.  The best type of job here, though, is primarily hourly rate work ideal for college students and low-wage workers.  When using this website, just make sure that you’re wary of the scams.  Don’t give out your credit card information or social security number.

#7 Glassdoor.com

The last one on the list is another up and coming website that sets itself above the rest.  While Glassdoor doesn’t necessarily claim itself as a job searching website, it’s an awesome resource to find interview questions, what you’re going to get paid and information from previous and current employees for that company.

This was a post written by Hannah M.  She runs the website, How Much Is It? – a website that features over 1,500 cost helping guides that range anything from home goods to surgeries.  You can also reach out to her on twitter via @howmuchforit.