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3 Tutoring Jobs You May Not Have Considered


While most teachers are aware of the tutoring positions available at their normal school, few look beyond that to find additional educational jobs, even when they need the money or want to try something new. There are plenty of unique tutoring opportunities out there for people with teaching degrees, and if you’re willing to put forth a small amount of effort to find them, you can find a position that you enjoy while making some extra money to supplement your salary.

Tutoring SAT-Preparedness


There are several programs available for students who are anxious to do well on the SATs and other pre-college exams. Teachers can tutor students through these programs, and can often get a fairly large hourly wage for their work. For many teachers, a chance to work with a single student at a time, and specifically with one that wants to do his or her best, can be a breath of fresh air. Look into businesses available in your area and find one that works with your schedule, and you can quickly increase your salary with this supplemental income.

Private Babysitting/Tutoring

If you’re not averse to hanging out at someone else’s home for the evening, you can help out a family and make some cash by being both a babysitter and a tutor. Having a teaching degree shows that you’re responsible and qualified, and you can ask for a competitive salary while you spend a couple of evenings a week at the child’s home, helping with homework and working on their problem areas while his or her parents are out or working. The student will get the one-on-one attention they need, the parents get the chance to accomplish what they need to do, and you get some extra cash without much stress or work.

Tutoring Adult ESL Education

If you live in an area with a high level of immigration, you may be able to find a job tutoring someone in the English language. Often, you don’t even need to know the person’s home language (though it can be very useful), and simply helping with vocabulary, sentence structure, and pronunciation can greatly help someone new to the country. Depending on the area and how you find the position, this job can be a classroom-style teaching job with several students at once, or it can be simply sitting and having coffee and a conversation. If you find the work through a company, check them thoroughly to prepare you for the expectations, as some may want you to write a syllabus, give quizzes, and have lesson plans available, while others just ask that you clock your hours.

While normal tutoring at your school can help increase your salary, many teachers look for something that gives them a chance to try something new while still working in a situation they’re already comfortable with. If you have a teaching degree and an educational background, there are many different types of tutoring jobs that can increase your paycheck while allowing you to be in new and interesting situations with students you would otherwise not have a chance to work with.

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