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10 Awesome Jobs You Can Do From Home

Work From Home Jobs

One of the biggest changes taking place in the modern work force is the number of people who now telecommute doing their job from home. We are fast reaching the stage where it is not necessary to travel to work and back each day just to sit at an office work station glued to a computer. Many organizations are realizing the benefits of not having to maintain expensive office space when the same work can be carried out online from anywhere in the country (or even the world). One of the benefits that could ultimately result from these changing work patterns is that worker stress levels drop and they become more efficient.

Although there are many employers who still hold onto the belief that you must have your workforce within sight to keep their work levels high, many are changing their attitudes as it is being proven that a worker’s productivity actually increases when they work from home and are able to take advantage of more flexible hours and with no traveling to worry about.

Working from home does not necessarily mean a person running their own online business any more, as more and more company employees find much of their work can be done outside the office. Some of the jobs that can be done at home just as well as in an office environment include the following:

Jobs from Home

  1. Paralegal. The cost of a law firm hiring trained lawyers to do mundane office work is becoming too expensive. As a lawyer’s skills are often best utilized doing actual court work, or face to face interviews representing clients, there becomes a need for less highly trained people to do paralegal work on their behalf. Law firms can now have a lot of their work done outside their office with an online link to a person working from home.
  2. Market Researcher. It has been said that the number of people needed to do market research will expand by 20 percent by 2016. This occupation can be 100 percent handled by people working on line from home. It entails gathering data from competitors, the compiling and evaluation of that data and giving advice from the information extracted from the data.
  3. Data Entry Clerk. People with experience in software applications are sought to type and enter data as well as perform other duties. Data entry clerks are used to keep companies up to date with changing technology and IT information.
  4. Copy Editors and Writers. There is a growing demand for people who are proficient writers to write online copy, and for editors to edit that copy to make sure it is of a high standard. It is a highly competitive field and growing fast.
  5. Desktop Publishing. This online operator is primarily a writer and editor who can use software to both format and combine text, visual elements, charts and images finishing up with a publication ready product.
  6. Advertising Sales Agent. This professional person has the job of soliciting and selling advertising space online, in print, or on TV and radio formats. This is a 100 percent work from home opportunity.
  7. Computer Software Engineer. Probably the fastest growing job for work from home enthusiasts. It entails design and development of computer software as well as the testing and evaluation of your creation. It is an area that requires continual training because of the continuous development of computer technology.
  8. Administrative Assistant. Known as secretaries to many people, or virtual assistants to many people running a modern office. Many people are doing this VA work online and not necessarily for the one employer. It opens up opportunities for many temporary and part time positions.
  9. Corporate Event Planner. A person who coordinates staff activities and organizes group meetings, conventions, travel, presentations and special events.
  10. Social Media Manager/Coordinatior– Helps companies with Facebook, Twitter by monitoring online communications and making companies more “personal”.  Find out more about how you can become a Social Media Manager.

Working in any one of these job from home will give you the freedom to pick up the kids from school, attend their drama class or athletic events. You will be able to set your own schedule. The main point is that your productivity will increase because you won’t have to put up with traveling to and from work.

The technology is now with us to relieve us from much of the work now being carried out in large city office blocks. And it will only become more common as time goes on. More people will be able to relax and enjoy life as internet technology advances. Eventually even your life insurance premium rates may be reduced as stress induced illnesses decrease throughout the community.

In addition to working from home these days you can also study from home and get a degree from an accredited university from home.

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