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Container Tracking System – Great Help for Anyone in the Shipping Business

Container Tracking- High Tech

Not every product can be found for purchase in a nearby store. This is logical, since not all products are manufactured everywhere. That is why certain products are shipped, via various sorts of transport vessels, from the location where they are manufactured, to the address of the buyer. The shipping industry is responsible for a a growing number of jobs as more products are shipped long distances. In 2010 China alone exported the equivalent of 31.3 million 20 foot containers (TEUS) while the U.S. exported  11.2 million TEUS.  The U.S. was the largest importer at 17.6 million TEUS and China was second at 12.0 Million TEUS. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2010 82,600 people in the U.S. worked in occupations related to shipping via water alone with an expected increase of 20% over the next 10 years. Median pay was $46,610/yr. in 2010. Another 82,200 people work as Cargo and Freight Agents coordinating incoming and outgoing shipments for transportation companies. The BLS estimates a 29% increase in these jobs over the next ten years. In 2010 Cargo and Freight agents earned a median salary of $37,150/yr.

We would think the container shipping jobs are all relatively low tech jobs but that is not necessarily so. Some jobs involve operating heavy equipment like cranes but a high tech aspect to shipping you may not be aware of is Container Tracking.

Since products are shipped very long distances, it is beneficial, both for the company that is sending the product and for the party that is awaiting its arrival, to be able to track and monitor the shipment. In these situations Container Tracking Services are used.

Container Tracking, Freight agentsWhat is a Container Tracking System

The Container Tracking System is an on-line program that is used to track and monitor the container that is shipping a particular product or products. Apart from being able to constantly see the location of the container on a world map (usually provided by Google Maps), one can also monitor various other data that is connected to the shipment. This data includes the temperature within the container, the humidity, various images of the inside of the container that are constantly sent and updated (this is a sort of video surveillance), and so on. This can help prevent spoilage and theft or misdirection along the way.

All this additional information might seem to be a bit “over the top” but, in some cases, the product that is being shipped has to be looked out for properly in order to reach the pre-determined destination in the best possible shape (read: intact). For example, if the container is filled with plants of some sort, these plants need to be kept in a controlled environment, as far as the temperature and humidity settings and the amount of sunlight that is let in the container are concerned.

On the other hand, if the container is full of ice-cream, then the conditions in it have to be as similar to the conditions in a refrigerator as possible. All this can be monitored via the Container Tracking Systems, and if something goes wrong, the people monitoring the shipment can instantly contact the vessel that is carrying the specific container and give instructions on how to fix the potential problem. That way, with this system, a safe and secure delivery can be assured.

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Bureau of Labor Statistics: Water Transportation Occupations, Cargo and Freight Agents