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Life in the Shell: Five of the Best Jobs for Introverts

If you’re an introvert, and are planning to go to college, degree programs like communications and education may terrify you. Many programs tend to suit extroverts better than introverts, but there are still many degrees that you might love. For some ideas, take a look at these five programs.

Computer Science

Jobs for IntrovertsIf you get this kind of degree, you’ll be able to land a job that pays well, plus you’ll be able to spend your time working alone in a quiet location. Many introverted people who don’t like or understand the way most people act, love working with computers. After-all, computers are predictable and once you take some programming classes, you’ll be able to make them do what you want. If you have a technologically inclined mind, computer science can be the perfect gateway to a job you’ll love.


Learn how to write, then move to that cabin in the woods or corner of the room that you’ve always dreamed of. Most writers do their best work when they have plenty of solitude, so being an introvert is actually a plus. Whether you want to work on fiction or non-fiction, you should be able to find something to write about. If you’re afraid your own writing won’t pay the bills look into editing and writing for advertising companies. When you look at all types of writing options for a career you could be surprised at all you find.


Getting a math degree can prepare you for many careers, and while some of them require a lot of interaction, others require very little. Either way, your colleagues will probably be pretty studious, and many of them will also be introverts. Talk to a life style job placement agency to look at job options that can use math majors. Finding a career in a math research department sounds like torture to some people, but many introverts would find it quite enjoyable.

 Animal Science

Just because you don’t like being around a bunch of people, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t enjoy being around a bunch of animals. After you get an animal science degree, you can start your career by training or taking care of both domestic and wild animals. This can be a great job that provides lasting friendships without much dialogue between you two.

Graphic Design

Introverts can sometimes have a hard time expressing themselves. If this sounds like you, go for a graphic design degree. While you may get tongue-tied when speaking to large groups, you can show everyone your true colors by the art you create. If you do have to work with others, you’re more apt to be put into small groups rather than big ones. Art is a great way to communicate without using your own voice much.

These are just a few degrees for introverts. No matter what you major in, you’ll have some job options that are good for introverts and some that are good for extroverts. To get your dream job, work with an employment agency to find the best employer for you and start making connections in the field you want to work in.